CNN Brazil launches the CNN Soft brand

THE CNN Brazil officially launches this Wednesday (1) the brand CNN Soft, which will aggregate all of the channel’s entertainment and soft news content. In the coming months, four new attractions will be launched, in addition to programs that are already on air and that will carry the signature of the new brand. The production of hard news, a fundamental pillar of the company around the world, continues with the same schedule and amount of hours dedicated to journalism. Soft production will be centered on weekends.

“CNN Brasil maintains its central pillar in the production of hard news news, but now presents variety to our audience. On weekends, we will address lighter topics, but always with the channel’s DNA, which is information. And, in addition to offering more quality content to our viewers, we will also bring more business opportunities to our commercial partners”, says Renata Afonso, CEO of CNN Brasil.

One of the attractions that will take the brand CNN Soft it will be CNN Brasil’s first international production, with the debut of the presenter Pedro Andrade, in charge of the program “Entre Mundos”. The journalist will travel and learn about the life style of different communities around the world, organized around their stories, customs, struggles and connections with the changes on the planet. The first season is being recorded in the United States.

Mari Palma and Phelipe Siani will lead the program “Em Alta CNN”, which will intelligently curate content available on the main audio and video streaming platforms.

Gabriela Prioli, a lawyer and one of the biggest digital influencers in the country, and who was revealed by CNN, will be in charge of “À Prioli”, a talk show in which big celebrities reveal their unknown side to the public.

Professor and historian Leandro Karnal, on the other hand, will lead the “Universo Karnal”, a program that brings reflection and makes unusual connections with real life.

All attractions have their debut scheduled for the second half of this year.

In addition, programs that are already part of the CNN Brasil catalog will receive a subscription to the CNN Soft from this week. They are: “CNN Viagem & Gastronomia”, with Daniela Filomeno, which will have an unprecedented season starting in October; “CNN Vital Signs”, with Dr. Roberto Kalil; “Special Productions”, with Glória Vanique; “CNN Nosso Mundo”, with Luciana Barreto, Lia Bock, Rita Wu and Thais Herédia; and “Anthony Bourdain”, with André Mifano.

“CNN arrived in Brazil as a news channel, but is on the way to becoming a broader communication company, with several production and business units”, predicts Renata Afonso. “We are going to diversify our operations on several fronts, expand the job market and feed the business environment. Always bringing quality content to the public. The launch of CNN Soft is another step in that direction.”