CNN strengthens entertainment and sets titles for Siani and Prioli programs · TV News

CNN Brasil launches this Wednesday (1st) CNN Soft, a brand that will house the channel’s entertainment area, which will gain four new programs in the coming months, including new ones by Phelipe Siani and Mari Palma, Gabriela Prioli, Pedro Andrade and Leandro Karnal.

With CNN Soft, the channel intends to expand its presence in the national media market and expand business opportunities for advertisers. This is the first major project implemented by CEO Renata Afonso.

“CNN Brasil maintains its central pillar in the production of hardnews news, but now it presents variety to our audience. On weekends, we will address lighter topics, but always with the channel’s DNA, which is information. And beyond as we offer more quality content to our viewers, we will also bring more business opportunities to our commercial partners,” says the channel’s president.

With the new brand, CNN will launch its first international production, the program Entre Mundos, under the command of Pedro Andrade. As anticipated by TV news, he will visit different communities in different countries to explore their lifestyles and look for good stories.

The couple Mari Palma and Phelipe Siani will be at the head of Em Alta CNN, a program focused on pop culture, in which the presenters will curate the main contents present in the streaming audio and video services, giving tips on series, films and channels of podcasts.

Attorney Gabriela Prioli, who gained prominence on the channel for her steady hand in the frame O Grande Debate, will interview celebrities at À Prioli, always seeking to reveal details unknown to the general public. Finally, professor and historian Leandro Karnal will make unusual reflections and connections with real life in the program Universo Karnal.

Another change is the hiring of Gloria Vanique in the channel’s entertainment area. Although it’s slated to cover vacations, days off, and other hardnews anchors’ absences, it has been featured in Special Productions.

“CNN arrived in Brazil as a news channel, but is on the way to becoming a broader communication company, with several production and business units. We will diversify our operations on several fronts, expand the labor market and feed the environment of Always bringing quality content to the public. The launch of CNN Soft is another step in this direction,” says Renata Afonso.

The four programs are scheduled to open for this semester, but do not have a defined date yet.