Companies open selection processes for effective vacancies, trainees and internships

With more than 60% of the Brazilian population having received at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, companies are still working remotely or implementing the hybrid regimen. And the selection processes had to adapt to this reality with many interviews being done online. “When we are in a face-to-face conversation, we have more elements during the dialogue that considers communication not only verbal, but also gestural. There are more element riches. In the virtual, this is partly lost. Therefore, the process requires more attention “, says Patricia Suzuki, director of human resources at consultancy Catho.

Unfamiliarity with digital platforms or choosing an inappropriate place in the house can cause negative impressions. According to Suzuki, once the online interview is scheduled, it is important for the candidate to ask about the software that will be used. “That way, you’ll be able to learn about the features offered by the application and, if the interviewer asks for a command, such as sharing a screen, it won’t be difficult,” he says.
It is also important to know how to make video calls and group meetings, mute, change the background in a custom way, and also how to stop the video after the interview is over.

More than an organized environment, Suzuki says candidates should be careful with lighting. “If possible, combine natural and artificial lighting,” he recommends. Testing the equipment in advance so as not to interfere with punctuality is also important. The ideal, according to her, is to videoconference with a friend or relative for the necessary tests. That way, if something goes wrong, you can fix it in time.
If the candidate uses a smartphone, you will need to think of a support to put it on. “After all, holding the device for hours is not ideal, and it doesn’t have good stability and framing,” says Suzuki. Check out 15 selection processes for internship, trainee and effective employment with open enrollment below:

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The beauty segment group has a selection process for an internship and trainee program. To apply for internship vacancies, those interested must attend the last two years of graduation (with graduation between December/2022 and December/2023). Those selected will go to the areas of business, marketing and communication, operations and technology. Applicants for trainee positions must have completed up to two years of training (from December/2019 to December/2021). In this case, there are no pre-defined vacancies and areas. According to the group, the objective of the selection process is to increase the attraction of black candidates, with at least 50% of those selected self-declared black or brown. There is no preference for specific universities and English language proficiency is not a requirement. The program has 100% virtual and remote selection process.

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The retail chain has opened ten openings for its leader program called “First Leadership”. To apply, professionals must have completed higher education, from any course, with training from December 2018 to June 2021. Those selected will work in stores in Greater São Paulo, São Bernardo, São Caetano, Santos, Campinas or Sorocaba. The company also has six open positions focused on technology, in the areas of agile master, dev analyst, commercial coordinator, back-end developer, information security specialist and information technology (Devops).

Registration until September 10th; the curriculum must be delivered to the unit’s entrance, at the following address: Rua Prefeito José Carlos, 750, Jardim Santa Júlia – Itupeva/SP, care of Ana Carolina
There are four job openings at the Itupeva unit, in São Paulo. Opportunities are for the valet role.

Applications until September 13, via the website
There are approximately 20 vacancies for the internship program. Candidates must attend the areas of engineering, administration, international relations and foreign trade. The program lasts for one year, with the possibility of extension. Those approved begin to work in November, in person. The selection process will be 100% online.

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For trainee, internship and Representa 2022 programs (exclusive to black and black students), the company does not require English tests. The company also does not limit the choice of candidates by college or course. The vacancies are for candidates who want to develop in the areas of finance, technology, business, supply and logistics.

Applications until September 17, via the website

Multinational selects candidates for its 2022 trainee program, which will last for one year. The target audience is graduates from December/2018 to December/2021, in any course and university. Those selected will be immersed in the company’s areas, going through training sessions focused on self-development and project and mentoring methodologies, to the practical execution of a project with an impact on the business, with the presentation of the results physically at the company’s headquarters in London. Intermediate English is a prerequisite.

Applications until September 18, through the website
Applications are for an internship program aimed at students in the areas of administration, economics, accounting, marketing and communication, in addition to all engineering, technology and exact science courses. It is necessary that the candidate is attending the third semester of graduation onwards and has availability to do an internship for 30 hours a week, during business hours, from November 2021. Knowing English will be a differential. There will be availability of on-site, remote and hybrid vacancies, depending on the area of ​​expertise. Tests will be conducted 100% virtual.

Applications until September 19, through the website
As a prerequisite for the trainee program, it is necessary to have completed graduation between 2017 and 2020 in one of the following courses: administration, engineering, mechatronics and data processing or courses related to technology, people management, foreign trade and business management . In addition, it is necessary to be available to work in person in Jaguariaíva (PR) and Telêmaco Borba (PR). After the program, the position may be remote in some specific areas.

Registration until October 15th; candidates must send their résumés to [email protected]
Applications are for the 2022 Internship Program. The areas available are for research and development, services, supply chain, IT, finance, legal, marketing, sales and products teams. Among the prerequisites, it is necessary to have an intermediate level of English and to attend the penultimate or final year of college next year.

Applications until December 31, through the website
There are 60 vacancies in São Paulo to occupy business manager positions in the Novos Talentos Vivo One program. Those selected will work in the fully digital sales and corporate relationship channel. Having commercial skills, a consultative profile and an entrepreneurial spirit are characteristics considered essential. The steps of the selection process will be online.

Application deadline varies according to the vacancy; consult on the website
The company is looking for candidates to participate in the selection processes of large companies in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. There are more than one hundred exclusive vacancies or with preferences for blacks, LGBTQI+, women and people with disabilities, in the areas of technology, engineering, administration, psychology, infrastructure, finance, development, finance, education and communication. Salaries start at R$ 1,000. Applicants must be over 18 years old, be attending an undergraduate or technical course or have graduated within four years at most.

There is no deadline for registration; the application must be made on the page
The franchise network of clinics specializing in facial and body esthetics has vacancies in the administrative, health and commercial areas. The opportunities are for 14 states in the positions of receptionist, consultant, pharmacist, biomedicalist, beautician, nurse, analyst, sales assistant, evaluator, among others. Salaries range from R$1,500 to over R$5,000. Most vacancies require experience. Schooling ranges from high school, for commercial and receptionist positions, to higher education for manager and postgraduate education for biomedical, pharmacists and nurses. The steps of the selection process are completely online.

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The consultancy focused on technology solutions and digital transformation has 400 vacancies open for professionals in a hybrid or 100% remote work model. Featured are vacancies for backend and frontend developers and data engineer. In addition, 35 professionals will be directed to positions at the company’s branch in Canada (in this case, fluent English is essential, but the person can be anywhere in the world).

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Those selected will work, at this time, in a home office regime, but the vacancies are for Campinas, São Paulo and Ribeirão Preto. edtech selects candidates for the commercial areas, digital marketing analyst, pedagogical advisor, full test analyst, back end and front end developer (both 100% remote), operations assistant (supply chain) and customer support internship.

There is no deadline for registration; the application must be made on the page
The technology company has open positions for senior infrastructure analyst positions; human resources assistant; senior salesforce developer analyst; data specialist; designer intern; recruitment and selection analyst; Commercial Manager; between others. All vacancies are for home office work and range from internship opportunities to permanent positions.