Corinthians President Says Willian and Róger Guedes “Give Up Lots of Money” | sports selection

The president of Corinthians, Duilio Monteiro Alves, spoke this Tuesday, on the SporTV team, about the fact that reinforcements Róger Guedes and Willian had given up money to play for the club.

In the case of the attacker, he had to terminate his contract with the Chinese Shandong Taishan. The attacking midfielder, in turn, made a deal to end his deal with Arsenal, from England.

– Róger Guedes is the youngest, with great potential. We talked before he went to Atlético-MG, it didn’t work out and he went to China. Corinthians made a not very high investment, but also because of economic rights, because of age and high proposals for the purchase of its rights, it gave up not only 6 million euros in China, but also higher proposals for salary and acquisition of rights of other clubs. It’s the time the player earns money. Values ​​were great.

– It is important to make it clear that Corinthians has a percentage of their rights, but he kept a large part. Always in the name of transparency, in a year and a half, if it is his will and good for Corinthians, he can leave. You gave up a lot. If he is to recover, Corinthians will be willing to talk differently from any other athlete – said Duilio.

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Duilio Monteiro Alves, president of Corinthians, at Seleção SporTV — Photo: Reproduction

Willian still had two more years of contract with Arsenal, but he was not happy at the London club and preferred to return to Brazil.

– That’s interesting to see. The players want to play for Corinthians, contrary to what we were hearing. He has been out for years, had a contract with Arsenal and this is possible within the values ​​practiced in the English League with the player’s will. He wanted to return to Corinthians, he was not coming at a good time at Arsenal.

– The possibility of him leaving came, always with clubs in Europe behind him, it was only possible thanks to his will and our efforts, with sponsors and investment. Willian gave up a lot of money to go home. The main factor was the will of the player – completed the president.

In addition to Róger Guedes and Willian, Corinthians also signed midfielders Renato Augusto and Giuliano in this window. And still awaiting documentation to announce João Pedro’s loan.

Check out other points from Duilio Monteiro Alves’ interview with the SporTV team:

Planning to hire stars
– We started with planning from the beginning of the administration, reducing the payroll, outputs, loans. Reductions also within the club. Right away, we have a 20% reduction in all departments. In football, even bigger. To reach that moment of opportunities and reinforcements. Our department worked very well with these athletes at this time of crisis, which is not just for Corinthians, everything within budget, well planned and without irresponsibility, as we have heard a lot.

Hiring risks
– I don’t understand it as a risk. Of course, every investment has risk, but Corinthians has been working within a plan made before the election. And then with that seven-month period. Giuliano was the first, in July, that has not happened in any Brazilian football club. Only exits. This was done on schedule. I don’t see it as a risk. With Willian we will have a smaller sheet than we had at the end of last year. It’s in the planning. Of course, this helps a lot, having a strong, competitive team, players with international expression, such as Willian, Renato, Giuliano and Róger. Who join other great players.

– Today, we had four players who were in the last World Cup. This rescues the fans’ confidence, self-esteem, trusting us. It increases box office revenue, which it has not had since 2014. And it will now have. We don’t scream goal prematurely. This could all improve, it could bring in new revenue, but we are not spending more than expected. New revenues and lower payroll cost than we had at the beginning of the year. We took more than 20 athletes and brought four. Without a doubt, it will bring new recipes.

Hired wrong in recent years?
– I do not agree. Of course no Corinthians fan was happy with the last two or three years. We need to fight upstairs. In football, we get it wrong and right. A good contract is one that has to work. Players were questioned and today they help us. This is the case of Gustavo Mosquito. We were heavily criticized. When we brought it back, even more so. Today he is one of the greats of the cast. Éderson today, at Fortaleza, is a very big asset of the club and was unable to establish himself at Corinthians when he was hired. Today, he has a spectacular championship at Fortaleza. Richard didn’t work at Corinthians and today at Athletico-PR he has a good championship.

– We changed the way we do it. In 2010, 2011, we brought promises and they were successful here, we won everything. This time, we didn’t get it right. I’m not talking about bad management, but about changing the way of hiring. We made more punctual signings. We have a more balanced cast and a very strong team. My speech continues, time to organize the house, improve the administrative part… And we’ve been doing this for seven months. There is something to be done, expenses to be reduced, there is nothing reduced. Good step to start the reduction with good results in the field.

Did you already know what your favorite names were?
– Of course, when I talk about planning, I talk about finances, about being ready in the transfer window. Renato and Roger we had been monitoring. Paulinho, too. Players having difficulty returning to China. Willian appeared recently and Giuliano also left Turkey. We had the financial plan. Now, names had favorites. The coach gives us one, two or three athletes as an option.

– In this window, Corinthians was very happy, due to the will of the athletes, and also because of the names that have been here and have high level identification and that fit in with the club’s financial policy. We didn’t have all the names, no. We reduced expenses, payroll, new income, with marketing, to be ready. They are top level players. I tried to bring Giuliano in 2011, it was Tite’s request in all windows. Planning on top of money to improve the cast.

austerity management
– That’s it. We’ve seen a lot these days, every Brazilian is a bit of a coach. Now they became economists, too. Fan concerned about the club’s finances. It is empowered with social networks. You have access to numbers. Our plan is to earn the title of paying bills, but today with this wonderful window due to the difficulties of the pandemic. China took a lot of our athletes, today with the pandemic it was possible to bring them back in excellent condition. This made it a lot easier. We didn’t even dream of this wonderful window.

– The plan was to come stronger next year. With these arrivals and work of Sylvinho, team in sixth, as president I think at the most, of course I can’t not think about a title. But that we come strong, in a Libertadores, to make a year to fight for all the titles, Brazilian, Copa do Brasil. Corinthians rose to the next level. It is able to fight for any title. And we have the reinforcement of Faithful to return to the Arena. That nobody has. When Faithful is together, the team gets even stronger. Let’s think about game by game, we know the quality of rivals. There is will, hope, desire, to fight for it.

back of the public
– Corinthians waits. The government would hold a test event in Brazil x Argentina, but this was cancelled. Now they will only be invited. Does not speed up the process. Accompany health authorities. Of course as soon as possible. Vaccination is very advanced. For now we wait.

payroll and reductions
– We reduced a little, but there was no increase. We are experiencing the pandemic, stadium problems, not having an audience, everything we have been going through, but it is also nice to mention that Corinthians is a country, the audience is greater. Clubs are praised for hiring with lower income and third-party investment, which is still a loan. Several with lower revenue than ours. Whenever it’s Corinthians they break down the numbers, there’s no problem. Everything at Corinthians is bigger.

– Bad news sells a lot, but we will have good things. Our way forward is this. Joy, reduction and payment of debt. We have to equalize it. Positive cash flow, collect more than you spend. Let’s equalize to pay for things on time, agreements and commitments. Debt doesn’t settle overnight.

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