Court denies R$100,000 pension for the daughters of Gugu Liberato

The court denied the request for child support made by lawyer Nelson Wilians for the daughters of presenter Gugu Liberato, according to columnist Flavio Ricco. The twins Marina and Sofia, aged 17, asked for the amount of US$ 20 thousand (something around R$ 100 thousand per month), the same request made by their mother, Rose Miriam. Rose’s request was also denied.

In the video published exclusively by Leo Dias’ column, on August 25, the girls complained about their aunt Aparecida, Gugu’s sister, for not having authorized the purchase of a Porsche.

They said they were at least able to increase their allowances by $1,000 a month, but they felt they were earning too little. “It is absurd for our grandmother to earn 163 thousand reais, since we are the necessary heirs”, they stated. Gugu Liberato left the pension received by his mother, Dona Maria do Céu, in his will.

In the court documents, Marina and Sofia also stated that they clearly notice that João, the older brother, is being influenced and manipulated by his aunt, Aparecida Liberato, who is taking advantage of the state of vulnerability in which Gugu’s heir finds himself.

The court also denied the twins’ request to audit the inventory and Aparecida’s actions. She continues as an inventor and asset manager, always under the supervision of the judge.

The court decision was published in the Official Gazette on July 28th, before the video. There is still appeal.