COVID-19: Belo Horizonte is high in all indicators and applies 28,000 more vaccines – General

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Current scenario of COVID-19 indicators in Belo Horizonte (photo: Janey Costa/EM/DA Press)

Belo Horizonte was discharged in the three COVID-19 indicators this Tuesday (31/8), informs the city hall’s epidemiological and assistance bulletin. At the same time, about 28,000 injections against the disease went into the balance, and the city has almost 80% of its target audience immunized with the first dose.

Despite the highs, all key pandemic data remain at the control level of the risk scale. The occupation of ICU beds for patients with the virus increased from 46.6% to 48.2%.

The use rate of infirmary beds increased from 32.8% to 33.1%. In both cases, the supply of beds remained the same as in the previous balance, so there was an absolute increase in the number of people hospitalized with the disease.

The transmission of the new coronavirus suffered the third increase in sequence: from 0.92 to 0.93. Therefore, 93 people become victims of the virus, on average, every 100 diagnoses in Belo Horizonte.

Cases and deaths

For the second consecutive day, the city was unable to update the actual increase in COVID-19 cases in the city due to instabilities in the Unified Health System (SUS) system. The capital has 270,808 diagnoses: 6,531 deaths, 2,913 people in follow-up and 261,373 recovered.

The total number of lives lost to the pandemic increased by nine: from 6,522 to the current 6,531.


Population awaits vaccination in the Centro-Sul Region of Belo Horizonte (photo: Tlio Santos/EM/DA Press)

BH registered an additional 28,273 vaccine applications against COVID-19 this Tuesday: 8,255 for the first dose and 20,018 for the second. There was no application of Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) vaccines, single application.

Now, BH totals 1,819,194 first-dose applications, 917,834 second- and 58,848 single-dose applications. According to the city hall, 79.9% of the total target audience was vaccinated with the initial injection and 41.6% of the same contingent completed the vaccination schedule.

According to city government figures, they have already been vaccinated with the first dose:

  • 468,972 seniors over 60 years old
  • 249,064 people from the risk group, disabled and BPC beneficiaries
  • 15,045 pregnant women and purperes
  • 203,029 health workers
  • 19,893 public security employees
  • 70,610 education professionals
  • 792,581 between 21 and 59 years old

With the second injection, they were immunized:

  • 431,658 seniors over 60 years old
  • 169,909 people from the risk group, disabled and BPC beneficiaries
  • 2,938 pregnant women and purperes
  • 176,901 health workers
  • 15,291 public security employees
  • 50,686 education workers
  • 58,848 people between 28 and 59 years old (single dose)
  • 70,451 people between 28 and 59 years old (other formulas)

The city has received 3,329,756 vaccines so far. PBH no longer reports how many doses it received of each formula.

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