Covid-19 in Barriers: see the disease numbers released this Monday, 30

The Municipality of Barreiras, through the Health Department, informs the epidemiological situation of the municipality. Today, no samples were collected from cases with characteristics that indicate suspicion of Coronavirus (COVID – 19).

He further informs that today 53 (fifty-three) results were concluded, with 33 (thirty-three) tested negative and 20 (twenty) tested positive. The 33 (thirty-three) cases that tested negative are 21 (twenty-one) females aged between 03 and 87 years. And 12 (twelve) males aged between 12 and 75 years.

The 20 (twenty) cases that tested positive were 12 (twelve) females, aged between 21 and 62 years. Of these, 10 (ten) were symptomatic and 02 (two) met the requirements for collection. And 08 (eight) males, aged between 25 and 58 years, all of them symptomatic.

Of the 20 (twenty) cases that tested positive, 06 (six) were confirmed by Rapid Test, as well as the 28 (twenty-eight) that tested negative, totaling 34 (thirty-four) that were not reduced from the 37 (thirty-seven ) awaiting results.

The Health Department currently registers 19,673 (nineteen thousand six hundred and seventy-three) cases confirmed by Rapid Test and RT-PCR. Of these, 19,294 (nineteen thousand two hundred and ninety-four) are recovered, 55 (fifty-five) are in home isolation, 03 (three) patients are hospitalized and the municipality registers 321 (three hundred and twenty-one) deaths. The cases awaiting results add up to 18 (eighteen).

Barreiras accounts for 50,024 (fifty thousand and twenty-four) notified cases, and the first case notified in the e-SUS VE System was on March 26, 2020. And 29,211 (twenty-nine thousand, two hundred and eleven) cases were discarded, whose results were negative. According to recent guidelines of the e-SUS VE System, the total number of notified may vary depending on the discards of cases with flu-like symptoms.

As soon as the other results of the examinations of suspected cases are concluded, they will be released. The Health Department will maintain the publication of a daily bulletin so that the population is properly informed about the subject.

Barriers – BA, August 30, 2021.