CPI hears lawyer appointed as ‘hidden partner’ of company that guaranteed Covaxin contract | Covid’s CPI

On Tuesday night, Tolentino’s defense obtained in the Supreme Court a decision by Minister Carmen Lúcia that allows him to refuse to answer questions that could eventually incriminate him.

Marcos Tolentino will be heard in the context of investigations on intermediary companies in vaccine contracts. The letter of guarantee from FIB Bank was part of the Covaxin acquisition process, which provided for 20 million doses at a value of R$1.6 billion, but was canceled on suspicion of irregularities – no dose was delivered.

The committee has information that demonstrates inconsistencies in FIB Bank’s financial capacity and in the composition of the company’s corporate structure. See the video below:

Director of FIB Bank contradicts himself in testimony to Covid's CPI

Director of FIB Bank contradicts himself in testimony to Covid’s CPI

Senators see signs that two FIB Bank member companies linked to Tolentino were the real operators of the guarantor – they point out, for example, that the companies are registered at the same address as the lawyer’s office.

The commission has also identified nearly R$ 2 million in transfers to a company that belongs to Tolentino’s family.

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According to the CPI rapporteur, senator Renan Calheiros (MDB-AL), the lawyer appears in several contracts and interfaces with the Court as a representative, attorney or administrator of the FIB Bank and other companies linked to the guarantor.

Marcos Tolentino is a friend of Ricardo Barros (PP-PR), leader of the Bolsonaro government in the Chamber, and, according to senators, he even accompanied the deputy during his testimony to the CPI, in July.

Businessman who tried to broker the sale of vaccines cites Ricardo Barros to Covid's CPI

Businessman who tried to broker the sale of vaccines cites Ricardo Barros to Covid’s CPI

Senators want to understand the reason why Necessidade hired FIB Bank – which, despite its name, is not a financial institution – and to know if there could be any illicit benefit from the partnership.

In addition, the CPI says it already has evidence that the guarantor would not be able to pay the guarantee, if it were necessary to resort to the appeal, and that “oranges” were used to compose the company’s corporate structure.

In an application that asked for the lawyer to be called, Senator Randolfe Rodrigues (Rede-AP) pointed out that there were “unusual pressures” on civil servants and irregularities in the Covaxin contract.

“It becomes necessary to hear the testimony of Marcos Tolentino da Silva, appointed as a hidden partner of the company that provided an irregular guarantee in the business of purchasing the Indian vaccine”, said Randolfe in the request.