CPI shows photos and says it has evidence that motoboy made payments to former director of Health | Covid’s CPI

Covid’s CPI senators presented this Tuesday (31) photos that, according to them, indicate that the motorcycle courier Ivanildo Gonçalves da Silva paid at least four slips for the benefit of Roberto Ferreira Dias, former director of Logistics at the Ministry of Health.

In the photos, Ivanildo appears entering a branch of the Bradesco bank at times, days and places that appear in the bills’ settlement statements. Payments took place in May and June this year. Roberto Ferreira Dias was fired from the ministry on June 29, after he was accused of charging a bribe for Covid’s purchase of vaccine.

Senators listed the following days and amounts on which the slips were paid:

  • may 31st, in the amount of R$ 6 thousand
  • June 22, in the amount of R$ 6 thousand
  • June 24th, in the amount of BRL 13.5 thousand

According to the lawmakers, there is still evidence of payment slips at other times and amounts.

The CPI summit intends to include the images in an appeal against the decision of Minister Nunes Marques, of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), which allowed Ivanildo not to testify to the commission.

“These are images revealed by the banking system that prove that on the day and at the time when Roberto Ferreira Dias’ slips were being paid by VTCLog, through Ivanildo, which truly proves the collusion that exists behind the scenes of the Ministry of Health in the exact confrontation to the pandemic,” said the commission’s rapporteur, senator Renan Calheiros (MDB-AL).

Government leader, senator Fernando Bezerra (MDB-PE) asked how it was possible to guarantee that the motoboy was paying a payment slip from the former director of Health.

“This is the payment of the bank slip because the CPI question [para a agência] it was a photograph of the exact moment when the ticket was being paid and it coincided with Ivanildo’s presence at the agency. Here is the proof”, replied Renan.

Ivanildo started to be considered a “key witness” of the CPI after the Financial Activities Control Council (Coaf) identified an atypical movement by VTCLog in the amount of R$ 117 million in the last two years.

Of this total, the motoboy was responsible for moving R$ 4.7 million, almost 5% of the amount indicated by Coaf.

The control agency stressed, however, that it would not be possible to identify the final recipient of the operations carried out by Ivanildo.

“We have just received vehement indications that it was Ivanildo himself who paid the debt slips, together with Voetur [empresa que é braço da VTCLog], by Roberto Ferreira Dias. We just received it”, said Renan shortly before presenting the photographs.

Ivanildo’s testimony was scheduled for this Tuesday, but the day before, Minister Nunes Marques, from the Federal Supreme Court (STF), guaranteed the motoboy the right not to appear at the commission.

The commission then scheduled the testimony of Andreia Lima, director of VTCLog, at the last minute, but the executive said she could not attend this Tuesday.

Motorcycle courier protection request

After showing the images, senators defended that the CPI guarantee Ivanildo’s protection.

The commission already formalized, on the 26th, the request for security to the Federal Police, arguing that the motorcycle courier is a key witness and that there is “founded fear” that he may suffer “physical or moral constraints that may, in any case, hinder or hinder the making of his testimony”.

In the letter sent to the PF, the chairman of the commission, Omar Aziz (PSD-AM), also highlighted that there is a “serious situation” and an “urgency to protect the physical safety” of Ivanildo.

VTCLog is a logistics company responsible for receiving, storing and controlling the stock of medicines. Among the main attributions of the group during the coronavirus pandemic is to distribute vaccines against Covid throughout the national territory.

The group entered the CPI’s crosshairs after the accusation that there was an overpricing in an amendment to the contract signed between VTCLog and the Ministry of Health.

As revealed by Jornal Nacional, the Ministry’s Logistics Department agreed to pay an amount 1,800% higher than recommended by the technical area.

The contract was signed by then-director Roberto Ferreira Dias, who was dismissed from the ministry in June this year after accusing him that he had charged a bribe of US$ 1 per dose of vaccine to close a deal with an intermediary company. Dias denies the accusations.

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