Cruzeiro is quoted as paying R$330 million in action by businessmen from Dedé; club will appeal – Rádio Itatiaia

Photo: Bruno Haddad / Cruise
Bruno Haddad / Cruise

The judicial telenovela involving defenders of defender Dedé and a charge of R$ 330 million to Cruzeiro won another chapter. This Wednesday (01), the club was cited in the lawsuit filed by Grupo DIS and GT Sports, in addition to businessmen Marcos Vinícius Secundino and Giscard Salton, who helped Fox in the purchase of the defender in 2013.

With this, the Cruise will have 15 days to make the payment or file its defense. In a note to the report of Itatiaia Radio, the club informed that the citation in the case is part of the natural flow in this type of process and that since it is a monitoring action, the club will subsequently present its defense, which are the monitoring embargoes. In addition, he stated “that under no circumstances will the amount be paid at this time”.

After Cruzeiro presents its defense, the discussion of the process will actually begin, until the result of the lower court judgment is issued.

UNDERSTAND THE CASE – With the help of investors, Cruzeiro bought 45% of Dedé’s economic rights from Vasco for around R$14 million in 2013.

The defender’s rights were divided as follows: 51.91% belonging to the DIS group, 6.5% to GT Sports Assessoria, 30.5% to Marcos Vinícius Sánchez Secundino and another 11.09% to Giscard Salton, who transferred the right to the company of which he is a partner: EAS Agência de Atletas Ltda.

At the time, the entrepreneurs signed a contract with Raposa, in which it was defined that if there was an early and unilateral termination of Dedé’s bond, or if the player managed the indirect termination through Justice, Cruzeiro would be required to pay the amount related to the sports indemnity clause, which was stipulated in the athlete’s last contract with the club at R$330 million.