Cruzeiro: Luxemburg explains meeting with Pedro Lourenço and denies payment of FIFA debts or reinforcements – Rádio Itatiaia

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Luxembourg met with Pedrinho and released a video to “end any speculation”

Coach Vanderlei Luxemburgo had lunch this Tuesday with businessman Pedro Lourenço, from Supermercados BH, the club’s main partner and supporter for the coach’s visit to Toca. But, through a video posted on Instagram, the coach explained that, “to clarify and end any speculation”, the meeting had nothing to do with conversations about hiring and payment of debts at FIFA to end the ‘transfer ban’ , prohibition of the entity to register new players until it pays off two outstanding debts.

“Today was a special day. I went to meet Pedrinho BH, from the supermarket. Since I arrived in BH I hadn’t paid him a visit yet, so today I went there to have lunch with him, for free (laughs), and we talked a lot “, began Luxa.

“Just tell you that the president (Sérgio Santos Rodrigues) knows I was there. I wouldn’t meet a partner without talking to the president. But no football player hiring situation was discussed. We talk about football, obviously, about Cruzeiro and about the things about Cruzeiro. We called the president and talked. But there was no negotiation of paying FIFA or hiring a player. That didn’t exist. It was a friend’s meeting because I owed him this visit.” .

Cruzeiro’s two outstanding debts at FIFA are for the signings of striker Riascos (BRL 6 million) from Mazatlán, from Mexico, and midfielder Arrascaeta (BRL 7 million) from Defensor, from Uruguay. As long as it does not disburse the approximately R$ 13 million, the celestial club cannot make new hires.

Watch the video released by Luxembourg: