Cruzeiro: Operation Targets Vandals That Attacked the President of the Council

(Photo: Igor Sales/Cruzeiro)
The Civil Police of Minas Gerais carries out, this Wednesday (1st/9), an operation against fans of the cruise who attacked the house of the president of the Club Board of Directors, Nagib Simes. The case took place on July 21 of this year.

The 2nd Police Station of Policia Civil Sul, in Bairro Jardim Amrica, in the Oeste Region of Belo Horizonte, investigates the case. At least one person was arrested.

At least one arrest warrant was served in Nova Lima, in Greater Belo Horizonte.

Videos released at the time show a fireworks, burnt tires and graffiti in front of Nagib Simes’ house. The fans asked for the impeachment of the club president, Srgio Santos Rodrigues.

Neighbors were scared and called the Military Police (PM) on the occasion. The fact happened during the night.

Nagib Simes won the election for President of the Council with the ticket “We are all Cruzeiro” on November 30 of last year and took office in 2021. He had 149 votes against 125 for Giovanni Baroni.

The president of the Council has a connection with the former president of Cruzeiro, Wagner Pires de S, who became a criminal in Justice for ideological falsehood, misappropriation and formation of a criminal organization during the two years he was in charge of Cruzeiro (2018 and 2019).

On June 10, 2019, two weeks after TV Globo’s series of reports on corruption cases at the club, the former president summoned counselors for a “special evening of soup and review among friends”.

The meeting would serve to support the “Fora Azul” ticket in the Fiscal Council, which had Nagib, Paulo Pedrosa and four other members.

In contact with the report, Nagib Simes’ lawyer, Joo Vitorino, stated that he is on his way to the Civil Police Precinct. He said that the process runs in secrecy of justice, but that there were “grateful” people behind the attacks against the client.