Dandara’s father Mariana surprises with attitude after daughter loses the Dance of the Famous

Father moves with tribute to Dandara Mariana (Image: Reproduction – Globoplay / Editing – RD1)

Third place at the end of the Super Dance of the Famous, Dandar Mariana received a beautiful public tribute from his father, the also actor Romeo Evaristo.

Through his Instagram profile, he thrilled his followers by being proud to see his daughter making it so far in the competition for the second time.

In the publication, he posted a photo of the actress in the costume of one of the performances and, in the caption, stated: “An Alibi… In Latin, besides… In Portuguese “Alhures”.

“Dandara Mariana Nahas Evaristo Cabral”, completed, leaving the followers thrilled with affection. Most also praised the artist’s impeccable performance.

Dandara Mariana also used her Instagram profile to talk about the global competition. The actress shared three records of the big day and vented about the moment.

In the first one, when showing the look she wore on Sunday (29), Dandara wrote: “Dancing: a girl’s dream. Thank you so much to everyone who was with me vibrating, cheering and thrilling“.

When showing a video of her presentation on stage, the famous one shot: “Everything always with body and soul. Dance is for everyone! Regardless of age, physical type, disabilities… Dancing is feeling and letting go”.

Finally, when posing with Professor Diego Maia, Dandara was only gratitude:

My great partners were you @diegomaia_oficial and this incredible audience!! That with joy motivated me in each presentation, being the necessary fuel for the artist’s hope to see his art recognized. Thank you very much!“.

Famous people took the opportunity to praise the artist in the comments. “You are wonderful! Amazing to accompany you in Super Dance! Your soul dances! HAPPY BIRTHDAY. worthy of all applause“, shot Paloma Bernardi.

Wonderful!!! devastated a lot“, said Fabiula Nascimento. “His art was recognized by the general public and his unforgettable trajectory. Thank you, my Giant Dandinha!“, posted Juliana Alves.

You were wonderful!!! Your dances will be unforgettable for me“, said Deborah Secco. “Too handsome! Congratulations double!!“, celebrated Juliana Paiva.

Love you“, wrote Rodrigo Simas, who took second place in Dança, losing to Paolla Oliveira. Taís Araújo also declared:

“She dances a lot! She has technique, elegance, grace… In addition to enchanting us with her talent. The first time she participated in the Dance of the Famous, she took second place, it was disputed, but I think she deserved first place. Now, at Super Dança, she had beautiful, emotional presentations and was in third place, in a dispute where everyone danced very well”.

All this to say that, despite not having won first place, Dandara Mariana won the hearts of all of us and proved, once again, that her talent is above any competition. Thank you for inspiring me with all your talent. Long live Danda!“, finished.

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