Dataprev released consultation for next installments of Emergency Aid

Recently, Dataprev announced the release of consultations on the next installments of Emergency Aid. In this way, beneficiaries will be able to check whether they will also have access to the next installment.

In this sense, according to the Ministry of Citizenship, in 2021 alone, around 39.4 million people have already received some portion of Emergency Aid, reaching an amount of R$ 35 billion in investment in the measure. Currently, the benefit has values ​​ranging between R$ 150, R$ 250 and R$ 375 according to the family constitution of each citizen.

Currently, the federal government is finalizing the deposits of amounts referring to the fifth installment of the program, which began on August 18th. For Bolsa Família beneficiaries, it is already possible to have access to both the deposit and the withdrawal in cash. However, for the others, there is a deposit in the Digital Social Savings Account for movement through the Caixa Tem application. Only then will this group be able to withdraw the benefit.

Today, 31st of August, the payment of the fifth installment for the last groups is made. That is, for those who are from Bolsa Família with NIS final 0 and for the general public who were born in December. The cash withdrawal will soon be released, as will the deposit for the sixth installment.

To find out if the beneficiary will be able to participate in the next round, it is necessary to check the Dataprev website.

Dataprev releases conference to find out who will participate in the sixth installment

Emergency Aid is a Federal Government program with the purpose of providing assistance to people who are in a vulnerable situation. Thus, with an extension of another three months, the benefit is expected to end in October this year.

To find out about their situation in relation to the benefit, citizens can consult the Dataprev website, available at Then, through the platform, it is possible to query data and information about the receipt of the program. For this, the citizen must inform some personal data, such as full name, CPF and date of birth.

Among the results of the consultation process is the consideration as eligible. That is, which means that it is able to access the next values. However, the beneficiary’s status can also be classified as ineligible.

Therefore, if the answer is negative, the worker may request a request for a challenge, which can also be made through the Dataprev website. That is, if he disagrees with the result and understands that he has conditions to receive the amounts.

According to the Ministry of Citizenship, even people who previously received the benefit may not be entitled to future installments. This decision was due to increased inspection and monthly screening, which takes place before the release of a new batch of payments. The objective is to identify undue payments to citizens who no longer meet the criteria for participating in the measure.

Who will be excluded from the program?

Taking into account that, at each round, there will be a new criterion analysis, it is important to pay attention to any changes in the beneficiary’s reality. For example, a participant who was previously unemployed may now have started a formal job with a formal contract.

Thus, citizens who meet at least one of the following criteria may be excluded from receiving 2021 Emergency Aid:

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  • Citizen hired with a formal contract while receiving the benefit;
  • Citizens who receive unemployment insurance, social security benefits or assistance from the Federal Government;
  • Death of the beneficiary;
  • Receipt of pension;
  • Recipient’s arrest; and
  • Military or middle class applicants.

Fifth installment of Emergency Aid deposits close today

Caixa Econômica Federal ends today, August 31, the payments of the fifth installment of Emergency Aid. In the case of those who participate in Bolsa Família, this happens since the program’s calendar schedules their payments for the last ten working days of the month. Therefore, starting on August 18, with NIS ending 1, payment ends today with NIS ending 0.

As for the beneficiaries of the general public, the division occurs by month of birth. So, starting on August 20, with the January birthdays, today the deposit occurred for those born in December.

It is important to note that the receipt process for these is divided into two dates, one for deposits and the other for withdrawals. Thus, the withdrawal will be available from next Wednesday, September 1st.

5th installment cash withdrawal calendar for the general public

Some beneficiaries, such as the older public, for example, prefer to receive in kind, that is, making the withdrawal in cash. For this reason, then, they must pay attention to the specific calendar for this operation. Thus, those who were born on the following dates may withdraw:

  • September 1st, Wednesday: January;
  • September 2nd, Thursday: February;
  • September 3, Friday: March;
  • September 6th, Monday: April;
  • September 9th, Thursday: May;
  • September 10th, Friday: June;
  • September 13th, Monday: July;
  • September 14th, Tuesday: August;
  • September 15th, Wednesday: September;
  • September 16th, Thursday: October;
  • September 17th, Friday: November;
  • September 20th, Monday: December.

Then, payment of the sixth installment of the benefit is expected on September 21st.

Schedule for depositing the 6th installment for the general public

The day after the release of cash withdrawals from the fifth installment ends, the federal government will deposit the sixth installment. Therefore, beneficiaries will receive on the following days:

  • September 21, Tuesday: for those born in January;
  • September 22, Wednesday: to those born in February;
  • September 23, Thursday: for those born in March;
  • September 24, Friday: to those born in April;
  • September 25, Saturday: for those born in May;
  • September 26, Sunday: to those born in June;
  • September 28, Tuesday: for those born in July;
  • Wednesday, September 29: to those born in August;
  • September 30th, Thursday: for those born in September;
  • October 1, Friday: for those born in October;
  • October 2nd, Saturday: for those born in November;
  • October 4th, Monday: for those born in December.

Finally, we emphasize the importance of holding the conference on the Dataprev website in order to know if the beneficiary will have the amounts on the above dates.

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