David Luiz: Sporting or Sampaoli may frustrate Atlético-MG and Fla – 01/09/2021

Defender David Luiz is without a contract and, as he is still a player of some importance on the world stage, has his name circulating behind the scenes of national and international clubs. Free since leaving Arsenal (ING) on June 30, the experienced defender was the subject of market research by two of the hottest clubs of the moment in Brazil: Flamengo and Atlético-MG. Both teams, according to the UOL Sport, are interested in the 34-year-old athlete, but have not yet made a formal offer.

Despite the desire of Galo and Fla, there are two foreign clubs that may frustrate Brazilians’ future plans in relation to the defender. Sporting (POR) and Olympique de Marseille (FRA) also want to have David Luiz for this season. According to information passed to the UOL, the Portuguese have already made a financial proposal to the athlete, who is analyzing it.

Friendship in Lisbon and meeting with Sampaoli

There is an interesting point that, who knows, could be a differential for the Lions in the dispute for David Luiz. The team’s coach, Portuguese Rúben Amorim, was the defender’s partner in his playing days. The two worked together at Benfica between 2008 and 2011. At the age of 35, Amorim emerged with an outstanding job at Braga, from which he left with a million-dollar fine (about 10 million euros) paid by Sporting.

In May of this year, David Luiz praised Rúben Amorim when the coach left Braga for Sporting. “He [Rúben Amorim] started in the best way in Braga and people have seen what he can do. You have now opted for Sporting and we must always respect. […] I wish you luck, except against Benfica. But I want you to succeed. I will never forget that we lived together,” he told BTV at the time.

Regarding the Marseille team, the team’s coach, Jorge Sampaoli, tries to convince the player to move to France. In June, backstage information indicated that, during his visit to Rio de Janeiro, Sampaoli spoke personally with the defender. Recently, the Argentine asked to hire Gérson, who was also defending Flamengo, a team that also shows interest in hiring David Luiz.

Brazilian interest

Despite manifesting behind the scenes interest in David Luiz, neither Flamengo nor Atlético-MG, according to information received by the report, made an official proposal for the defender. In addition to Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro, Corinthians was even mentioned as another interested in the athlete. Despite this, the current president of Timão, Duílio Monteiro Alves, categorically denied that Alvinegro São Paulo had sought him out.

“There is no David Luiz. There is no possibility, the negotiation is not in progress. We are very satisfied with the athletes who have arrived. There is our side, João (Pedro), coming on loan from Porto for a year, to supply a lack that we have in Fagner’s reserve. It must be rising at the IDB, Porto sent the documentation yesterday and we may still announce it today,” said the director, in an interview with Sportv.

What is known is that striker Willian, who also left Arsenal recently, called David Luiz to invite him to play for Timão. The two are great friends, as they also played together at Chelsea (ING) and in the Brazilian national team. This information was passed on to the report by a source linked to Corinthians.