Dead Space remake intensifies dismemberments •

Have a skin peeling system.

Development of the Dead Space remake is still in the early stages, but EA Motive has decided to share with players a first glimpse of their work to start talking to the community.

It’s not usual to see a preview of a game in development so soon, but the team shared some of the philosophies for the remake and one of them is that the break-ups will be intensified and there are new features like the system that allows you to boot from the horrible creatures that roam the ship .

Some weapons will have unique properties that can have particularly visceral effects on some enemies and as explained, when using a weapon more suitable for a certain type of enemy, you can get effects such as stun him or even skin. As in the original, shooting at certain parts of the body will mean tearing limbs away from the threat.

However, first you will have to strip the skin and flesh of the monsters, only when the bone is visible will you be able to make the satisfying shots that remove limbs and reduce the danger.

“For us, the interesting thing is that this opens up a whole new layer in the firing and combat cycle, in which you have some weapons that are better at opening enemies and others that are better at cleaning them up and removing their skin,” explained Roman Campos-Oriola, creative director.

Visually, the more skin and flesh the monster has, the higher its health, and in a kind of dynamic HUD, you’ll notice the damage caused through wear and tear on the threat’s body, in real time.

EA Motive also revealed that Gunner Wright will return to give voice to Isaac Clarke, the protagonist who will now live a journey that will give you more context for the events and which will even feature new routes on the ship. However, the remake will remain true to the narrative of the original.