Director rejects hiring a new goalkeeper for São Paulo and ‘nails’ Crespo’s successor: ‘I already have the coach’

Director of São Paulo, Carlos Belmonte spoke live on YouTube with journalists Arnaldo Ribeiro and Eduardo Tironi about the club’s situation in the position of goalkeeper and the future of coach.

Under the goalposts, Tiago Volpi has been having constant failures in decisive moments and raises doubts among the fans. However, Belmonte assured that the club is not thinking of a new goalkeeper.

“We don’t think about any more signings until December, we’ll see next season. We don’t think about another goalkeeper. Volpi has saved us several times, an absolutely dedicated guy, works a lot all the time. You can analyze a flaw here. or there, but a goalkeeper is not on our radar. We haven’t talked to Ivan or Marcelo Grohe, there’s nothing. We’ll follow with Volpi, Perri and Thiago Couto,” he said.

Belmonte also spoke about Crespo’s situation, who is going through a good phase, but the club is already preparing a coach for the future.

“It’s just impressive. We got the professional’s coach and the under-20’s too right. Alex is a totally different guy. I’m really rooting for Crespo to fulfill the two-year contract, or do three, but I already have the coach later. The coach is Alex! If I’m in football, Crespo stayed for two years, had a proposal and left, the next day the coach is Alex. This year he needs to develop a little more work. Now past two to three years, Alex will be the coach of São Paulo, I have no doubt about that. His work is spectacular.”