Director says São Paulo is 20 years late and reveals a bold plan to improve CT structure

Director of São Paulo, Carlos Belmonte spoke live on Youtube with journalists Arnaldo Ribeiro and Eduardo Tironi about the situation of the club, which went from sovereign at the beginning of the millennium to spectator of its rivals piling up the most important cups in Brazilian football in the last decade.

According to Belmonte, São Paulo is “20 years late”.

“São Paulo is 20 years behind schedule. It’s sad to say that, but it is. We really need to review our Reffis situation. It’s a fact, we didn’t invest. Then decisions were made, I’m not criticizing, but we have to improve . We have qualified professionals and we need to give them instruments to do a better job. We asked people they know to indicate what we need to buy,” said Belmonte.

“It’s no use throwing things under the rug. São Paulo stopped in time and we have to go back. Will it be fast? I don’t think so. About two, three years. I’ve been looking for a sponsor to name CT and give it to us resources to make this reform all at once. But it’s not easy. If that’s not the case, we’ll go little by little. And so, in two or three years we’ll reach the top teams. the entire São Paulo fans are grateful to him,” he added.

In the Casares administration, which started in January of this year, São Paulo finally managed to break the indigestible fasting of titles that had lasted 9 years, being champion of Paulistão in 2021.

The tricolor club is still seeking the title of the Copa do Brasil this season.