Doctors’ Cooperative Announces Construction of Hospital in Londrina | Londoner

A medical cooperative announced the construction of a hospital in the Jardim Botânico region, south of Londrina. The project is for it to be a space with 15 thousand square meters and 150 beds.

The hospital is a demand of Unimed Londrina’s cooperative members and follows the cooperative’s understanding that having its own units improves the quality of care. “If we observe, there is an increase in hospital use and this in the pandemic was very clear. In addition to these structures that we already use today, we realized that we need our own structure”, said the president of Unimed Londrina, Omar Taha.

The hospital will be built on Expeditioners Avenue. The work is estimated at up to R$ 150 million reais and will be financed. The initial forecast is that the unit will be ready in three years.

It will be a structure to reinforce health care with other large hospitals, such as the University Hospital with 453 places, Evangelical with 369, and Santa Casa with 176. A commission of cooperative doctors was formed to monitor the progress of the works and define the specialties that will be offered.

“The idea is that there is a possibility of future expansion. We are taking advantage of the hospital experience to have an estimate to start with 150 beds and, if necessary, then we can expand,” said Taha.

To inaugurate the unit, it will be necessary to hire 800 employees for administrative functions and for health care. “Direct jobs, we are not talking about indirect jobs. The most important thing is that the hospital will be self-sustainable without burdening the cooperative and the cooperative member”, explained Taha.