Dog invades Canadian TV weatherman’s live entry

Meteorologist Anthony Farnell was surprised by the invasion of his dog, named Storm, during the presentation of the weather forecast on Canadian broadcaster “Global News”. The episode happened last Friday (27) and went viral today on social networks.

Working home office due to the covid-19 pandemic, Farnell was passing weather information in the city of Toronto, Canada, when his goldendoodle dog made a surprise appearance.

Initially, the meteorologist walked around the animal in an attempt to make it leave the chroma-key area because it was interfering with the reading of the information transmitted to the TV.

Farnell also threw a treat for the dog to leave his work area, but he was unsuccessful and decided to continue making the presentation of the weather forecast with the pet watching him.

In the end, the Canadian broadcaster’s production even highlighted Storm’s Instagram account. After all, it’s not the first time he’s appeared live on TV. In 2012, he was taken to work by the meteorologist and broke into a studio during a live newscast.

On social media, Anthony Farnell shared the video of the live entry with the dog and joked:

“Who knew all I had to do was have my furry friend with me for a perfect 10/10. Thanks Room Rater,” he wrote.