Duilio dismisses David Luiz and says that reinforcements “gave up a lot of money” to play for Corinthians

Corinthians’ movement in the transfer market has come to an end. After the club announced the arrival of Giuliano, Renato Augusto, Róger Guedes and Willian and regularized lateral João Pedro at the IDB, president Duilio Monteiro Alves confirmed that Timão is not in negotiations with another player and ruled out the possibility of hiring defender David Luiz, who is without a team.

“There is no David Luiz. There is no possibility, the negotiation is not in progress. We are very satisfied with the athletes who have arrived. There is our side, João (Pedro), coming on loan from Porto for a year, to supply a lack that we have in Fagner’s reserve. It must be rising at the IDB, Porto sent the documentation yesterday and we may still announce it today,” said the leader on Tuesday, in an interview with Sportv.

Duilio also spoke about Willian and Róger Guedes, the last two reinforcements announced by Corinthians. The president praised the desire of the two to want to play for the Parque São Jorge club.

Willian had a contract for another two years with Arsenal, from England, but he settled his contract termination on Monday and was free on the market to settle with Timão. Duilio Monteiro Alves reinforced that the attacking midfielder had proposals from other teams and gave up “a lot of money” to return to Brazil.

“The players want to play for Corinthians. Willian is a very clear case of this. He was born within the club, made the base here, broke out as a player and then left the country, spent many years abroad. He is a player who had a contract with Arsenal for two more seasons. This was possible with the will of the player, it weighed a lot. The athlete wanted to return to Corinthians, he was not having a good time at Arsenal. We were monitoring and the possibility of him leaving came, always with the market from Europe and many clubs behind. The athlete’s will is very clear, it was only possible because of that, of course with a great effort from Corinthians. Willian gave up a lot of money from his contract with Arsenal to be able to return home and play for Corinthians. That was the main factor, the player’s will,” he said.

Róger Guedes, on the other hand, had to terminate his contract with Shandong Taishan, from China. Duilio confirmed that there is a possibility of profiting from the 24-year-old striker in the future, but again highlighted the player’s desire to be in Corinthians

“Yes (there is the possibility of profiting from Roger Guedes). He is the youngest player of all, with great potential. I like his football a lot, we talked about him coming to. Corinthians after Atlético-MG, at the time it didn’t work out , ended up going to China. He is a player that Corinthians did not make a high investment, but in economic rights. He gave up not only six million euros in his termination in China, but also much bigger proposals in terms of salary and acquisition of rights,” he informed.

“Corinthians managed to bring this athlete, he has a percentage of his rights, but the player kept a large part of the economic rights. Today we brought the athlete, in a year and a half, reaching the goals, if he has a proposal to leave and this is very interesting for him and for Corinthians, his will will weigh a lot, because he gave up a lot. If he gets there and is for him to recover what he gave up, Corinthians will be willing to a different conversation than it would be with any other athlete,” he added.

Finally, Duilio spoke about Corinthians’ planning that enabled the arrival of new hires and informed the situation of the club’s total debt, which generates around R$977 million.

“We started with planning since the beginning of the administration, reducing the payroll a lot. We had a considerable reduction in the football department with the departure of many athletes and loans. Immediately in this year’s budget, we had a 20% reduction in all departments. In football, it was greater, so that we could, at that time, as opportunities arise, strengthen our team. This time has come, I think our football department has worked very well with these athletes in this moment of crisis. opportunities for us to bring great players, all within our budget, well planned and without any kind of irresponsibility, as we have heard a lot from some journalists and fans,” he said.

“I have the value of R$977 million (in debt). We managed to reduce a lot in these seven months. Corinthians did not have an increase in debt during this period. It is good to remember that we are living in a pandemic, we have all these stadium problems and many others. I know Corinthians sells a lot, everything that is said about Corinthians is bigger. There are clubs that are praised for signings and have lower revenues. I have to take care of Corinthians, but that’s just a comment. Everything not Corinthians is bigger, sells more. Bad news sells a lot, but we will have good news going forward,” he concluded.

Check out other excerpts from Duilio Monteiro Alves’ interview:

Risk in hiring:

“Any type of investment there is a risk. But as I said, Corinthians has been working within a plan that has already been done for a long time, even before the election and after this seven-month period. It is good to remember that Giuliano was the first player presented by Corinthians in the year, at the beginning of August. In any Brazilian football club in any division this has happened, with no player arriving and only leaving. This was done according to planning. With the arrival of Willian, we will have a sheet smaller than we had at the beginning of this year. It’s all within a plan, new recipes. Of course, this helps a lot, you have a strong, competitive team, with international players, such as Willian, Renato Augusto, Rogers Guedes and Giuliano They are Brazilian national team players, who join other great players that we have in the squad. Today we had four players who were in the last World Cup training in the morning. it brings new revenue, we have been working on that, it restores the fans’ confidence in our team and, consequently, brings new results, such as increased sponsorship. Being at Corinthians, we never shout a goal prematurely. We did all this within the reality we have today. Now, this can all improve a lot, but we are not taking any chances and spending more than expected. We only have good things to come, new recipes to look for and a lower football payroll cost. We took more than 20 athletes and brought four. But there is no doubt that a competitive team will bring many other businesses and new revenues”;

Poor management resulted in a high score for Corinthians

“I don’t agree. No Corinthians fan was satisfied with the team’s performance in the last two or three years. We haven’t been doing good championships, and Corinthians have to always be fighting up there. In football, we make mistakes and hits. good hiring is the one that works. We have some examples of hiring in this period that were much questioned and today they help us a lot. This is the case of Gustavo Mosquito, who arrived, we were very criticized, he was loaned, when we brought him back we were even more criticized, and today he is one of the great players in the squad, he has been playing good games and helping us a lot. Éderson, who is now at Fortaleza and is a very big asset of the club, was one of those hired at the time, no he managed to establish himself at Corinthians, we lent him and today he has a spectacular championship, we have a daily search for the transfer and sale of the athlete. Richard, following the same example, did not have much space at Corinthians and today he has a great camp eonate at Athletico-PR. Now, we’ve changed the way we do it. Corinthians often brought many promising athletes, and most of them won here. This time we ended up not getting it right. I’m not talking about bad management, but I’m talking about changing the way of hiring. This year we made more punctual signings, always on top of the cast’s needs. I think we now have a more balanced squad and a very strong team. Of course, some parts are missing. But my speech at the beginning of the administration continues, it is time for us to organize the house, improve the administrative and financial part. We’ve been doing this for seven months, so the possibility of strengthening it a little now. But we continue with our feet on the ground, there is a lot to be done, a lot of expenses that we need to reduce, we need to make new revenues. The problem is not resolved, but we were able to take a good step towards starting this recovery”;

Names considered by Corinthians in the transfer window

“When I talk about planning, I’m talking about the financial part, to be ready in the transfer window, in case we had opportunities. Some players did (they were in the planning), like Renato Augusto and Roger Guedes, who were in China. Paulinho group. They were players who had difficulty staying in China and following their contracts, so we had been talking and following them closely. Willian’s case came up recently, Giuliano’s too, with his departure from Turkey. financial planning, of course, but names were the favorites. We don’t always get the best, target number one. In this window Corinthians was very happy, thanks to the desire of the athletes to want to be here, this made it much easier. We didn’t have everyone there at the beginning, but we had to be ready to do our homework, reduce expenses and payroll, to be ready for this moment. , are high level players. The planning was made on the money, to have a margin to bring these players and improve our squad”;

Future goals of the club

“Every Brazilian fan is a little coach, and lately, to discuss Corinthians, many have become economists too. I think it’s cool that the fan is worrying about the club’s finances. At the beginning of my term, I stated that the Corinthians title This year would be paying bills. That hasn’t changed. But today, with this transfer window that was wonderful for us… We didn’t even dream of such a wonderful window, I confess. Our planning was to get stronger next year, but with the arrival of the four players and the work of Sylvinho, the plan is to reach a Libertadores this year. As president of Corinthians, I always have to think big, think big. Of course we can never stop thinking about a title , but that’s what the planning is. Next year, with the cuts in expenses and new revenues, to strengthen a little more at the beginning of the year so that we can fight for all the titles: Libertadores, Brasileiro and Brazil’s Cup. Corinthians has risen to the next level, is able to fight on equal terms with any team.”

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