Duilio explains Corinthians’ finances and highlights the million-dollar economy in Timo’s football

This Tuesday afternoon, Duilio Monteiro Alves spoke about Corinthians’ finances. The president explained that the club managed to stagnate the debt in the first half and that there is a great economy in Timão’s football.

In a balance sheet released last week, Corinthians announced that the first six months ended with a financial surplus of R$394,000.

“I have 987 million (debt). We didn’t have an increase in debt during this period, we’re experiencing the pandemic, with no fans in the stadium, it’s good to remember that. There are clubs that are praised daily for signings that have revenue 1/3 less than Corinthians and They are praised. The others don’t reach 900, but they have 800, 700, 600, without our revenue, and they don’t speak. I have to talk about Corinthians, but it was just a comment that everything at Corinthians is bigger, sells more and bad news at Corinthians sells a lot. There were almost 36 million football savings between what was budgeted and what was done. Now, the debt will not decrease overnight,” explained Duilio to SportTV Selection.

To keep the blue in the first half, Corinthians had an increase in revenue. Among the values ​​that grew the most are the revenue from broadcasting rights, which grew by more than R$30 million since April, and the revenue from sponsorships, which increased by more than R$15 million in the same period.

Some relevant balance sheet values:

  • R$33.8 million in surplus from the football department, with an increase of R$ 1.8 million between April and June;
  • R$145.4 million in revenue from transmission rights, being an increase of R$32.4 million between April and June;
  • BRL 46.8 million in sponsorship revenue, being an increase of R$ 15.8 million between April and June;
  • BRL 14.9 million in revenue from transfers of federative rights, with an increase of R$ 3.9 million between April and June.

In time: Corinthians ended 2020 with a deficit of R$ 123 million.

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