Dutch museum says it will take action on Kefera’s plagiarism

Accused of copying the model and print of a sweatshirt from Amsterdam’s Moco Museum, Kéfera could face prosecution for plagiarism. The museum became aware of the fact and said it will take the necessary steps.

“We were informed about the plagiarism and are currently reviewing the situation,” the Dutch museum’s press office told the column.


The piece, in pink, bears the inscription “In art we trust”, which, translated into Portuguese, would be “We trust in art”. On the Moco Museum website, the sweatshirt sells for 49.50 euros, equivalent to around R$300, according to the current exchange rate for the European currency. At Komfive’s online store, Kéfera’s brand, the similar piece is available for R$240.

Despite the slightly more affordable price, several Twitter users have used their profiles to denounce, say, fashion coincidence.

In a statement, Kéfera’s team stated that “the phrase used (on the sweatshirt) is in the public domain, there is no license record for exclusive use, so it is used by several other brands in coats, shirts, blouses, pictures, cups and other similar products”.

Also according to Kéfera’s advisor, the phrase used to print the Brazilian brand’s sweatshirt has already been used as the title of a book from the 1980s, and of a documentary released in 2016: “And it’s because of its meaning that it was chosen for this first collection”.

Finally, Kéfera’s team affirms that the designs of the sweatshirts are not exclusive to anyone, and denies any disregard for intellectual property laws: “The garments are generic cuts and do not have a registered industrial design, and are thus used legally by several brands in the fashion segment”.