Dynamic sets the game on fire. Nadja and Pyong are attacked

“Ilha Record” is reaching its final stretch and it seems that the spirits are getting more and more heated. And when there’s a dynamic in which players have to point the finger at each other, that’s when the deal catches on. In this Tuesday, August 31st episode, Pyong and Nadja were bombarded by other players and the temperature rose.

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But before, dinei came home after crash in the race this Monday, August 30th. With his arm and knee immobilized, the former player revealed that the result of the fall was worse than he imagined:

“The leg will have to undergo surgery when I return to my house. For me it’s game over! I just didn’t leave because of you,” he said to Mirella and Any.

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In the dynamics of the week, each player would have to point out which of the participants would be sinking into the game and justify why. Then he should take a bucket of sand and place it in the container with the name of the person indicated.

It started with Dinei questioning Pyong’s style of play: “I’d like it if I could go easy on you. I’m not a kid, I’m a man”. The opponent replied: “You went to exile because you didn’t know how to play”. And the chatter between the two was strong. Any, Laura and Valesca they also attacked the illusionist who was quite angry, as he had never shown in the game.


The other part of the fight had Nadja and Mirella as protagonists. The actress chose the influencer to put her bucket of sand, but the words took her mind off her opponent, who almost went into aggression.

“The only person I don’t see sinking into the game is Pyong,” Nadja began, fawning over her friend. “She should go back to Exile, do you know why? Because you need strength with someone else. Be strong for yourself. You are not representing women from Pernambuco. You need another to be strong.” That was the trigger for Mirella to get angry with her opponent and needed to be contained to do something stupid.

Later, Laura and even Pyong, his ally, condemned Nadja for saying that she did not represent the woman from the Northeast.


It wasn’t just within the game that Pyong and Nadja were attacked. On the web there were several messages condemning the attitude of the two, especially the actress who attacked Mirella saying that she needs someone to play with, while she herself does nothing without being what the illusionist says.

“Nadja lives propped up in Pyong and saying that Mirella has no strength alone”

“Pyong is the most annoying player, the most arrogant, the most disgusting, the most unbearable… Mirella or Any will win.”

“Nadja saying that Mirella needs someone to be strong being Nadja LICK Pyong and if he leaves he is literally alone”

“+9k in Mirella’s account and Nadja won what? Pyong’s bag to pull”


“Nadja saying she is goddess Mirella needs strength and support elsewhere KKKKKKKKKKKKKKK and she just does what Pyong says”

“Pyong in a few days seeing how superb and dirty he was #IlhaRecord”


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