Ernesto gets one-year leave from Itamaraty – 09/01/2021

Former Chancellor Ernesto Araújo received a one-year leave of absence and will not act as a diplomat until August 30, 2022. The information is being released this morning, in an official Itamaraty bulletin.

There is no explanation and, according to the column, he will not receive a salary during the period away. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs only indicates that he will be “licensed to deal with private interests”. The suspicion among Brazilian diplomats is that Araújo may be coordinating the launch of a candidacy, in the elections in October 2022.

Since his fall from the command of Itamaraty, Araújo has not returned to work. At first, he was placed in an administrative department. Afterwards, he applied for and received a three-month period of leave, which expired on August 31st.

During his administration, Brazil expanded its international isolation and joined forces with extreme right-wing groups around the world. He also insisted on preventing a greater dialogue with China and, in the midst of the pandemic, began to attack the WHO and international entities that were trying to coordinate a response to the health crisis.

In the corridors of Itamaraty, the announcement of the removal was received even with irony, with officials questioning the reason for the leave, as he has been dealing with “private interests” for years.