Ethics Committee extends Caboclo’s removal in the midst of an impasse; leader promises to resume presidency on Friday

The Ethics Committee of the CBF (Brazilian Football Confederation) decided on Tuesday to extend the removal of the current president of the organization, Rogério Caboclo, for another 60 days.

The argument to broaden the director’s hook is the ongoing investigation of allegations of moral harassment that were presented by the organization’s IT director, Fernando França.

With this new decision, Caboclo will not be able to retake power in the CBF, which initially was scheduled to happen on September 3rd (next Friday).

This is because the Assembly that brings together the 27 state football federations has not yet ratified the punishment of 15 months of leave imposed by the Ethics Committee last week on Caboclo.

It is worth remembering that while the CBF board appeals the 15-month decision and leaves the case open, the Assembly could not be convened.

With that, the agency moved and decided to apply a new leave of absence, of another 60 days, until the situation is resolved.

By way of note (check out the complete below), Caboclo complained about being “prevented from returning to the position that is rightfully his”.

He said that the extension of the removal “has no legal backing” and promised that he will resume the president’s seat next Friday.

“The new act of the Ethics Commission is another scandalous chapter of the coup they are applying against a legitimately elected president with 96% of the votes”, he fired.

Check out Rogério Caboclo’s note

The president of the CBF, Rogério Caboclo, regrets yet another maneuver carried out by the allies of Marco Polo Del Nero, former leaders banned from football for corruption, to prevent him from returning to the position that is rightfully his.

The extension of Caboclo’s removal by the Ethics Committee has no legal support and, therefore, is without effect. The president of CBF will resume his post next Friday, when the term of the previous leave ends.

The new act by the Ethics Commission is yet another scandalous chapter in the coup being applied against a legitimately elected president with 96% of the vote.

The Ethics Committee’s decision was taken in a process lacking evidence and in which Caboclo was not even heard.

The defense of Rogério Caboclo will take all appropriate measures to ensure that the CBF commander resumes his functions and reprints the direction that the entity needs towards a modern and corruption-free management.