European Union again recommends restrictions on travel from the US

The European Union (EU) returned this Monday to recommend restrictions on non-essential travel from the United States, as well as from Israel, Kosovo, Lebanon, Montenegro and Northern Macedonia, due to the worsening epidemiological situation of covid-19 in these countries .

In a statement, the Council of the EU indicated that, after further review within the scope of the recommendation on the gradual lifting of temporary restrictions on non-essential travel to the Union, it updated the list of countries, special administrative regions and other territories for which it recommends the lifting of the restrictions, having decided to withdraw the five countries concerned in the light of the latest health data.

The EU Council points out that member states still have the possibility to lift non-essential travel restrictions for travelers who are already fully vaccinated, even if they come from countries not on the list.

The Council recalls that this recommendation is not a binding instrument, but stresses that “a Member State should not decide to lift restrictions on travel to third countries not on the list” of origins considered safe “before this has been decided in a way. coordinate” among the 27.

The EU had placed the United States on the list of “safe” countries last June, although the United States has not reopened its borders to EU citizens.

The list of countries and territories from which the Council of the EU considers that non-essential travel to EU territory should be allowed is thus reduced to 18 countries, whereas in the case of China it is subject to the principle of reciprocity. gradual lifting of restrictions for the Chinese administrative regions of Macau and Hong Kong.