Éverson quotes Ceni and Sampaoli and cries: “The ball boy became the team’s goalkeeper” – 08/31/2021

The goalkeeper Éverson was moved in his first press conference as a player of the Brazilian team, today (31), in São Paulo. Summoned by Tite alongside Santos to replace Alisson and Ederson in three rounds of the Qatar World Cup qualifiers, the Atlético-MG player said he was “living in clouds” and cried as he recalled his origins in football as a ball boy in the games of the his father, named Paulo Pires, in the floodplain.

“Talking about my father moves me. I wanted to be a goalkeeper seeing my father, who was a keeper on the floodplain. I always caught the ball for him in games and at break times I went to the goal. My father didn’t even have a glove and kept kicking at me. Today with I’m sure I’m fulfilling the dream of my life, of my football career. And I’m certainly giving my father and mother a lot of pride, who always accompanied me too. But my father is my biggest football idol even though I’m not a professional athlete. very happy that his son, who was a ball boy today, became the Brazilian national team’s goalkeeper in the qualifiers,” declared the 31-year-old goalkeeper, who had already been moved in the previous answer, to tears.

Éverson was asked during a press conference what he would say to himself as a child about this dream of playing for the national team.

I would say he did it. He got his life dream, his career dream. He went through many difficulties with his family, he was a new father, but today he is here making a dream come true. Not only for Everson, but for any child who has a dream: dreaming is not forbidden, it is not impossible. Always look for it, fight it, because if you fight for it, you will definitely be doing it.”

Game with feet as a differential

The Atlético-MG goalkeeper has piled good defenses in the three competitions in which his team fights for the title this season, but he is also known for his good ability to play with his feet. In modern football, there is a growing demand for goalkeepers who can start the construction of plays, set up counterattacks at speed with a single throw or sustain the team’s ball out.

Éverson - Lucas Figueiredo/CBF - Lucas Figueiredo/CBF

Éverson alongside Santos during training for the Brazilian team at CT Joaquim Grava

Image: Lucas Figueiredo/CBF

Éverson was the goalkeeper chosen by Argentine coach Jorge Sampaoli in his two experiences in Brazilian football, by Santos and Atlético-MG, precisely because of the quality in the foundation. “Since the youth category I’ve been developing and after working with Sampaoli at Santos I was able to improve this valence much more by playing with my feet, finding a free man and helping in offensive construction. I’ve been learning a lot and I’m still learning.”

According to the experienced player, but new to the Brazilian team, the game with the feet is something developed since before the youth categories, in the futsal schools in the city where he was born, in Pindamonhangaba (SP). “At that time I already had the goalkeeper and I always ventured,” he reported, before completing:

I was based in São Paulo, where I had the reference of the time, Rogério Ceni, a goalkeeper who knew how to play with his feet. At the base of São Paulo I was able to learn for six years to have this quality, this valence. In the teams I’ve always been, I’ve always tried to maintain this quality of playing with my feet, which is of paramount importance in modern football, inside and outside Brazil, including in the national team. It is a working methodology of great coaches. I believe that this may also have helped my coming to the national team, but if it weren’t for the defenses and the good games at Atlético-MG, I believe that none of this would be happening.”

Éverson - Disclosure - Disclosure

Éverson lives a good phase at Atlético-MG

Image: Disclosure

Now, Éverson’s challenge is to please coach Tite and goalkeeper coaches Taffarel and Marquinhos Trocourt throughout training to enter the dispute for a place among the three preferences of the selection.

“Today it’s a role that has big names in the national team, with Alisson, Ederson, Weverton, Santos Olympic champion and me having this opportunity. I’m making this opportunity the opportunity of my life so that I can keep growing, make a good impression in training so that later on, with good games at Atlético-MG, I have more opportunities. There are five, six big names. I’m a dreamer. I respect all selectable goalkeepers, but I still have that dream. Today I’m making that first dream come true and I’m going to work really, really hard at my club.”

The selection faces Chile, Argentina and Peru in the next days 2, 5 and 9. Éverson should be an option to Weverton on the bench.