FGTS: Find out how to check your income balance and when to withdraw the benefit

The distribution of income from the Employment Compensation Fund (FGTS) has already been closed. The forecast was for this Tuesday (31), however, the Federal Savings Bank decided to advance payments.

All workers who had a positive balance in the Guarantee Fund account until December 31, 2020, could receive a percentage of the net profit of the FGTS obtained in 2020. If you are sure you received it, check how to check the deposit.

Distributed profit query

Workers can check the amount credited to their account in three different ways: through the FGTS application, through the Caixa Econômica Federal website and through internet banking for Caixa account holders.

In addition to these methods, if you do not have internet access, you can consult the FGTS extract through the following telephones: 3004 – 1104 for metropolitan regions and capitals, or 0800 – 726 – 0104 for other locations

Who can receive the FGTS

By law, they can access the FGTS rural workers, domestic servants, taxpayers governed by the CLT, safreros, independent and temporary workers, and professional athletes.

In general, the Guarantee Fund is like a savings account created to support the worker in certain situations, including unfair dismissal. Monthly, the employer must deposit in his employee’s fund account an amount equivalent to 8% of the distributed salary.

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In this way, with each employment contract, the holder citizen accumulates a new account in his/her name. In this case, it is worth mentioning the active and inactive accounts, referring to current contracts and previous jobs, respectively.

When can the FGTS be withdrawn?

The withdrawal of the FGTS can only be carried out in some specific situations foreseen by the legislation. Check out the list below:

  • In case of unfair dismissal;
  • At the end of the contract for a specified period;
  • Upon termination of the contract for total extinction of the company; suppression of part of its activities; closing of any of its establishments, branches or agencies; death of the individual employer, domestic employer or decree of nullity of the employment contract;
  • Upon termination of the contract due to reciprocal fault or force majeure;
  • Upon termination by agreement between the employee and the company. In this case, he is entitled to withdraw 80% of the FGTS account balance;
  • In case of retirement;
  • In the event of a personal, urgent and serious need arising from a natural disaster caused by rain or floods that have hit the worker’s area of ​​residence, when the emergency situation or state of public calamity is recognized as such, by means of a government ordinance federal;
  • In the suspension of independent work for a period equal to or greater than 90 days;
  • Upon the worker’s death;
  • When the linked account holder is 70 years of age or older;
  • When the worker or his dependent is HIV positive;
  • When the worker or his dependent has cancer;
  • When the worker or his dependent is in a terminal stage, due to a serious illness;
  • When the worker remains for 3 uninterrupted years outside the FGTS regime (without a formal job), with leave from 07/14/1990, and the withdrawal, in this case, can be made from the month of the holder’s birthday account;
  • When the linked account remains for three uninterrupted years without crediting deposits and the worker’s absence has occurred until 07/13/1990;
  • For the purchase of a home, debt settlement or amortization or payment of part of the housing financing installments granted under the SFH – in this case, it is necessary to have 3 years under the FGTS regime; not hold any other funding under the SFH; not owning another property;
  • In amortization, settlement of the debit balance and payment of part of the installments acquired in consortium real estate systems.

What was the amount transferred?

The value of the FGTS profit was transferred according to the amount found in the worker’s account until December 31, 2020. In this case, considering the distribution index defined by the Board of Trustees, for each R$ 100 in balance, the citizen will have an increase of BRL 1.86. See some proportions below:

Balance on December 31, 2020Amount that will be paid from FGTS profit
BRL 1,000BRL 18.64
BRL 5,000BRL 94
BRL 10 thousandBRL 186.36
BRL 20 thousandBRL 372.70
BRL 50 thousandBRL 932
BRL 100 thousandBRL 1,864

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