Find out details of Corinthians’ birthday live; Colagrossi speaks to Meu Timo

Corinthians will be 111 years old this Wednesday and the club will promote a special live in Corinthians TV as part of the celebrations for another anniversary. The YouTube broadcast will start at 7:10 pm.

But what can fans expect from the event? What will be announced? Will Fiel be able to help the club financially? Will new business partners be introduced? To clarify these doubts, the report of My Timon sent some questions to José Colagrossi Neto.

Through the club’s press office, the Corinthians Marketing and Communication Superintendent shared details of the special anniversary live.

Interview with José Colagrossi:

Meu Timão – What can fans expect from Live? Is there any news around?

José Colagrossi Neto – “Live was designed for fans. The format designed is focused on content and entertainment, and we will have announcements and special appearances. The anniversary is for Corinthians and we will present Fiel with special news that, we hope, will please the fans in full. expectations of Corinthians and Corinthians. A special night to symbolize the special moment that the club is experiencing.”

Meu Timão – There has been a lot of news in the media about new sponsorships and partnerships. Will the club announce new sponsors at Live?

José Colagrossi Neto – “We will have a lot of news, yes. The fans can expect great news. But, unfortunately, we have seen a lot of irresponsible speculation, with no head and shoulders, about new sponsorships and outlandish partnerships, which, in addition to hindering the club’s negotiations, ends up generating an unrealistic expectation that can frustrate fans. In its first eight months, this management has always renewed sponsorships for amounts well above the previous ones, signed new commercial partnerships that brought tens of millions of reais of new money and has innovated in the area of ​​digital assets, and the results are solid and speak for themselves. And a lot of good things are coming, but honestly, what we don’t need is fanciful news that is exclusively aimed at bringing followers and engagement, at the expense of the club’s visibility, which ends up hindering us a lot.”

Meu Timão – Will the fans participate only with their audience or will they have some kind of different interaction?

José Colagrossi Neto – “During Live, fans will actively participate in SuperChat and Twitter, with #AFielVaiInvadir. We want to see the strength of Fiel taking the hashtag to Trending Topics and we will monitor the interactions so that presenters give voice to fans who are following their We will also propose four questions about the Invasions (76, 2000 and 2012), and the fan who sends us the answer first (through Twitter, using the hashtag) will win some awards from Corinthians partners. , but Fiel will be presented from beginning to end, from the proposed content to the awards”.

Meu Timão – Will Superchat or QRCode be enabled so that fans can contribute money?

José Colagrossi Neto – “We will have several QR Codes from our sponsors, partners and supporters with exclusive promotions for Live, but not to raise money. As for Superchat, we will have times when presenters will read some of the messages that the public sends through social networks throughout the Live, but it will only be interaction, nothing with requests for contributions of money or any financial nature. Our president Duilio has always made it clear that there are several ways in which fans can help the club, such as being a loyal supporter, opening an account at BMG, buying official products, go to the club’s games at Neo Química Arena, and now buy our Fan Token, which will be released on September 2. All of this generating direct revenue for the club. “.

Meu Timão – Have the singers invited to Live already been thought of in the near future, when Neo Química Arena can host shows?

José Colagrossi Neto – For sure. All marketing actions involving musical projects are strategically designed. And besides all being national phenomena, they are great Corinthians fans. Neo Quimica Arena will be a great entertainment and leisure center, mainly for the millions of residents of the East Zone. Both the musical attractions that will be performing on Live and other musicians that we are close to and so many others that we will approach will be welcome to bring joy and fun to our home in the very near future.”

Meu Timão – What returns does the club expect to receive, in financial terms, with the realization of Live? Is drawing the attention of a sponsor an idea?

José Colagrossi Neto – “It will be a big party for Fiel, with lots of news, and of course this celebration will have great news. We managed with our sponsors and partners to make investments that make this big party possible, and this event will once again show all the strength and the potential that Corinthians can generate with Fiel, with a gigantic power of engagement and conversion. Of course, this helps to attract the attention of new brands and cause their interest in relating to us. The important thing is to increase the subscriber base on Corinthians TV’s various platforms, whether on YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, wherever it may be.The more the fans engage in these platforms that belong to the club, the more the club values ​​itself with partners in digital actions.

The growth of our social media and the attention that Corinthians has invested in this topic since the beginning of this administration are proof of this. I’ll give you an example: the club monitors all social networks, 24 hours a day, and we detected a great opportunity when the Onix memes bringing players to the tests went viral. Then, we contacted partners and brands that identified the potential interest, while the marketing team was already thinking about different forms of actions, fitting their possibilities into the madness of the daily reality of football. I’ll let you in on something: Roger Guedes’ action was also expected to include another sponsor, but it ended up not being possible because we had to anticipate the announcement of the player’s arrival. We even took pictures. Everything was very busy and frantic, but it was a great success.”

Meu Timão – How much should the club raise with this Live? Do you have a minimum goal?

José Colagrossi Neto – “All the great actions that the club’s Marketing Department performs rely on the fundamental help of our sponsors and partners, who are playing a key role in putting this great party on our feet. Without them, none of this would be possible. Therefore, each brand mentioned and advertised on our anniversary Live entered a sponsorship/support quota to enable the investment in the realization of Live, which we cannot disclose for contractual reasons. But I can say that the club will have important net income coming from this Live” .

Meu Timão – Will the signal be allowed to be retransmitted by other channels?

José Colagrossi Neto – “That’s the goal, but there are some bureaucratic issues that we are dealing with to make this happen. Anyway, we want all Corinthians fans to watch and celebrate with us, regardless of the channel, and enjoy one more Corinthians anniversary” ;

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