Find out which celebrities will be at the premiere of “Caldeirão com Mion”

Under the command of Marcos Mion, the “Caldeirão” is held on Saturday afternoons from 4:55 pm on TV Globo with new frames that have the participation of guests and the public! Names like James Leifert, Ana Furtado, Larissa Manoela, Juliana Paes and Paulo Vieira, for example, are already confirmed in the premiere, which takes place this Saturday (4).

(Photo: Globo/João Cotta)

The “Cauldron with Mion” will deliver news and the famous will contribute with their participation! For the dispute of 30 thousand reais in the table “have or not“, Paulo Vieira and Juliana Paes will take their families and friends to play on the show’s stage.

In the “This to Globo Mostra“, Mion will comment on important scenes from Globo’s programming and the moments that most resonated with the public during the week.

At the “Mom, I’m at Globo!” it will be the audience’s turn to appear in the “Caldeirão” through videos and photos sent to the program. And whoever appears on the small screen will take a treat home: a personalized badge for the program.

To “turn up the sound” the band Lucio Mauro and Sons will be more than rehearsed and prepared for the game. In the new competition participate the pairs James Leifert and Ana Furtado against Larissa Manoela is your friend Ramón Amorim.

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Learn more about the dynamics of “Sobe o Som”

They are four rounds and the game starts with one of the pairs choosing a number on the screen with a tip about one of the attractions. Then, the show’s band plays an instrument of the song for the pair to try to guess which artist is.

Each round has the maximum value of 50 points, and for each instrument inserted in the melody the score decreases by 10 points. The round duo can ask the band to play the song again, with a new instrument, up to three times. When the round goes into effect 20 points, the other contestants can join the game for a push on the button – whoever hits first can give his guess.

If someone “kicks” throughout the game and misses, it’s time to the opposing team. If the pair guesses which artist is hiding behind the screen, they win the corresponding points for the round and the audience, for good measure, win a super musical performance.

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