Flamengo decides to send a game against Grêmio, for the Copa do Brasil, in Brasília | Flamengo

The match between Flamengo and Grêmio, valid for the quarter finals of the Copa do Brasil, will be played at the Mané Garrincha stadium, in Brasília. The decision of the red-black board was taken even with the mayor of Rio de Janeiro, Eduardo Paes, having considered the possibility of releasing the public at Maracanã. The game is scheduled for September 15th.

In the first game, Flamengo thrashed Grêmio 4-0 in Porto Alegre. The team can lose by up to three goals difference that will qualify for the semifinals of the Copa do Brasil. In Brasília, the club can use up to 30% of the capacity of the Mané Garrincha stadium – around 20 thousand people -, based on a favorable decision by the STJD, which releases the public in squares that allow it.

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Mané Garrincha, Flamengo x Olimpia — Photo: Paula Reis / CRF

In a press conference this Wednesday, Paes stated that there was a request from Flamengo for the game at Maracanã, but made it clear that nothing was defined.

– There is a request from Flamengo to play the game against Grêmio. If you see the decrees, we allow events, but the pre-conditions are met. Let’s analyze, the secretary of health will give her final answer. Can or can not? In the last game we already allowed it, but Flamengo said that 10% was not enough. I even imagine that I can release a little more – said Paes.

In August, the City Government released the presence of 10% of the public in Maracanã. At the time, however, the conditions imposed did not please Flamengo, which decided to take the game against Olimpia, by Libertadores, to Brasília, where it could use up to 30% of Mané Garrincha’s capacity. Soon after, with the growth of cases of the delta variant of Covid-19, Rio de Janeiro again vetoed the public in football games.

Flamengo’s last game at Maracanã took place on August 8, in a 4-0 defeat by Internacional. Afterwards, the lawn went through a maintenance period and returned to receive matches in Fluminense’s victory over Bahia, last Monday.

Flamengo’s cast re-enacts this Wednesday afternoon. The team starts preparing to face Palmeiras, on September 12th, in São Paulo.

— Photo: Disclosure