Ford Maverick pickup, future rival of Fiat Toro in Brazil in 2022, already has 100,000 reservations in the US

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2022 Ford Maverick Lariat

Photo: Disclosure/Ford

After announcing its departure as an automaker from Brazil, Ford focused on importing high value-added products such as pickup trucks, SUVs, commercial vehicles and icons such as Mustang and Bronco. The brand’s current president for South America, Daniel Justo, highlighted that Ford will continue to invest in Brazil.

Thus, yesterday, it announced the launch of yet another global product, unprecedented in Brazil, which will occupy a segment that until then only Fiat Toro occupies, but which will soon see its leadership threatened, as several competitors are arriving and the Maverick pickup is one of them, which was announced in June this year in the United States (click to see its technical details) and had its arrival in our country confirmed for 2022.

“The arrival of Maverick is another launch within our strategy of working with the pillars on which Ford is successful in the world, with an innovative and connected product. Loyalty and attraction of new customers is another essential point in the company’s strategy, supported by the quality of products and services and the increasing use of connectivity”, says Daniel.

Ford says Maverick will be the entry-level product in the pickup lineup and will be positioned not only as a pickup, but also offering an alternative to car and SUV consumers. Its target audience is people who seek comfort and good handling combined with durability, load capacity and robustness.

Photos: Disclosure/Ford

“Maverick is an innovative pickup, without a doubt, a Ford Raça Forte pickup”, highlights the executive. “It surprises for its versatility, both in the interior and in the bucket, for its size, design, technology and handling. In the tests we did here, everyone was impressed with the product.”

Pre-sales in the United States began in June and has already obtained more than 100,000 units booked, with 36,000 in the first week.

For those who don’t know, the name Maverick means, translated from English, “independent”, “innovative” and was used in the sports coupe that became an icon of the 70s in Brazil and the United States. The similarity, however, is restricted to the name, as they are vehicles with totally different concepts.

The price charged in the United States for the XL version starts at US$ 19,995, something around R$ 103,500 with the dollar at R$ 5.18.

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