Former child actress Ana Beatriz Cisneiros says she suffered a miscarriage

Ana Beatriz Cisneiros, former child actress and who made the show innocent people, in the 2000s, used social networks on Tuesday (31) and revealed to have suffered a miscarriage after discovering her second pregnancy, almost two months ago.

On Instagram, the famous 24-year-old rescued clicks during motherhood, and opened her heart to report the sad situation experienced. “On 07/02/2021 I found out I was pregnant, we had been wanting it since Agatha was 2 years old, it was unexpected because even if I wanted to, we had forgotten at that moment. We were ecstatic, the reactions were amazing, planning a revelation tea and everything that was right”, she began.

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“From the first moment I just said: ‘I’ll only party after I hear the heart’. Mothers have a sixth sense. On August 2nd we did our second ultra and to our despair the ultra doctor simply consoled us saying: ‘It was better this way’. I heard: ‘Your body interrupted the pregnancy, there was something wrong so look on the bright side’. The obstetrician who was accompanying me: ‘Wow, it’s going to result in an abortion’. I was groundless, my reaction was just to cry”, reported Ana Beatriz Cisneiros, who has been away from soap operas since 2014.

In the middle of the long text, Ana Beatriz described the pain of having lost her second child. “Only those who pass by know the emptiness, pain and absence that will never pass, there are many cases but even if someone tells about their experience, it doesn’t diminish what we went through. It didn’t lessen my pain”, she lamented.

Who is Ana Beatriz Cisneiros?

Ana Beatriz Cisneiros debuted on the small screen in the program Innocent people, led by Márcio Garcia, being part of the children’s cast that interviewed the guests – as well as Bruna Marquezine, Sérgio Malheiros, João Vithor Oliveira and others. The following year, he debuted in soap operas in Mother’s Daughters. In 2002, he joined the cast of taste of passion.

Hired by Record in 2006, the former child actress was part of opposite lives. In 2013, she was rehired by Globo and was in Fitness: Full House, this being his last work on the small screens since then. In January 2017, at age 19, she gave birth to her first and only daughter, Agatha.

Famous people who have suffered a miscarriage

In addition to Ana Beatriz Cisneiros, others famous women have had a miscarriage. The list includes names such as Fernanda Machado, Suzana Gullo – wife of Marcos Mion -, Munik Nunes, Solange Almeida, Thaeme Mariôto, from the duo with Tiago, Mariana Rios, Lorena Carvalho – wife of Lucas Lucco -, among others.

Ana Beatriz Cisneiros (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)
Ana Beatriz Cisneiros (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

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