From luxury home to prison, former waiter accused of setting up financial pyramid is in jail in Bangu

Accustomed to having a wealthy life in recent years, with a lot of luxury and wealth, since last Saturday, the 38-year-old former waiter Glaidson Acácio dos Santos has been in the Joaquim Ferreira de Souza Public Jail, in the Gericinó Complex, in Bangu. He was arrested by the Federal Police (PF) last Wednesday, accused of leading a criminal organization that handled billions in a pyramid scheme. For 15 days, the entrepreneur can only receive visits from his lawyers, a measure adopted for quarantine as a result of Covid-19. This penitentiary is used to house detainees who were arrested in PF operations.

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In almost six years, Glaidson has handled R$38 billion. Data from May 2015 to November 2021 are contained in a document from the Financial Activities Control Council (Coaf) cited in the report of the Federal Public Ministry (MPF) and the PF, in which the arrest was requested by the Federal Court.

In Ferreira de Souza, there are also international drug traffickers. Glaidson was in the José Frederico Marques Public Jail, in Benfica, until last Friday. After federal judge Vitor Barbosa Valpuesta, of the 3rd Federal Criminal Court, maintained the entrepreneur’s preventive detention, the Secretariat of Penitentiary Administration (SEAP) transferred him. In addition to him, the court also ordered the arrest of eight other people. Among them, the Venezuelan Mirelis Yoseline Diaz Zerpa, the businessman’s wife.

Glaidson Acácio dos Santos' change in life was reflected in the pattern of the houses where he lived
Glaidson Acácio dos Santos’ change in life was reflected in the pattern of the houses where he lived Photo: Editoria de arte

Mirelis Zerpa, who according to the Federal Police is in Miami on a student visa, is on Interpol’s red broadcast as an outlaw. Both are accused of leading a scheme to defraud the national financial system using applications in cryptocurrencies without having authorization.

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The couple Tunay Pereira Lima and Márcia Pinto dos Anjos, imprisoned in São Paulo, are being held in São Paulo. The São Paulo Penitentiary Administration Secretariat has not yet informed which prisons they are in.

Businessman Guilherme Silva de Almeida, Glaidson’s partner, and trader Arthur dos Santos Leite, who were also arrested in Operation Kryptos, were released last Friday by decision of the judge of the 3rd Federal Criminal Court. During the action, agents seized 591 bitcoins, equivalent to R$ 147 million on the day of the action, and R$ 15.3 million in cash.

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Until last month, Mirelis and Glaidson lived in a luxury residence in Condomínio Moringa, in the Braga neighborhood, in Cabo Frio. According to the PF, the businessman’s house is valued at R$ 9 million. In 2015 he lived in a simple house in Praia do Siqueira, also in the municipality of Região dos Lagos.

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In the search and seizure operation, agents also collected 21 luxury cars. Among the vehicles are sports cars, convertibles and SUVs. The cars were found at addresses in the cities of Rio de Janeiro and Cabo Frio. Agents seized models from brands such as Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Mitsubishi and Corvette. All would be from Gaidson.