Gabriel Neves inherits Hernanes’ number and Calleri will have a ‘surprising’ shirt, reveals director

Midfielder Gabriel Neves and forward Jonathan Calleri were barely announced by São Paulo and of course they are far from debuting, but they already know which numbers they will use at the club.

The 24-year-old Uruguayan, hired on loan from Nacional, takes on the number 15 shirt, vacant since Hernanes left. The Prophet left Morumbi in common agreement and today he works in the sport.

Calleri, on the other hand, who wore the 12 shirt in his first spell at Tricolor, won a number he never had in his career: 30. Coincidentally, it’s the same Lionel Messi won when he arrived at PSG.

“One of Crespo’s orders at the beginning of the year was Gabriel, but then the values ​​were high, higher than what we could pay, and then we gave up”, said director Carlos Belmonte, in an interview with the channel “Arnaldo e Tironi ” on Youtube.

“Calleri is much more than the player. In just six months, he became the idol of the São Paulo fans. Crespo has this understanding, he likes the athlete, he knows he is dedicated. Everything is done in agreement with the coach” , completed.