Geisy Arruda shakes the dawn with a bold click: “Lady in red has arrived”

Geisy Arruda left the Instagram crowd up late this Wednesday (1st) by publishing a new click on his profile.

The muse returned to social networks posing stunning in an outfit in her favorite color and didn’t miss out on sensuality with a rose while showing off all her good shape to more than 4 million followers. “Come bring your mysteries on this moonlit night, your perfume has love, your look is sorcerous…”, he wrote.

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Recently, we showed here that with more than 4 million followers on Instagram, the influencer Geisy Arruda tends to draw praise from internet users by publishing clicks lavishly on her social network profile.

Thinking about it, the Newsroom Metropolitan gathered the 6 posts by the brunette that attracted the most attention on the web, after the muse showed all her natural beauty.


Geisy Arruda’s photo on the beach drives followers crazy: “What a perfect work”

On the beach, Geisy Arruda poses in a flowered swimsuit and a fan praises: “Eye candy”

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