Get to know the companies that won the Incredible Places to Work Award

Brasal Refrigerantes, Seguros Unimed and Sebrae/PR are the main winners of the Incredible Places to Work 2021 Award. Broadcasted by UOL this Tuesday, August 31, the online award ceremony highlighted the Brazilian companies with the best people management and organizational climate , according to the exclusive FIA ​​Employee Experience (FEEx) survey, conducted by Fundação Instituto de Administração (FIA).

Brasal Refrigerantes was one of those that won the trophy in the main category, “Most Incredible Place to Work” – in the range of large companies (over 1,500 employees) -, and also in the Food and Beverage sector. Seguros Unimed was recognized as “Most Incredible Place to Work”, among medium-sized companies (from 301 to 1,500 employees), as “Most Incredible in Corporate Education” and in the Insurance sector. Sebrae/PR, on the other hand, was the highlight among small businesses (up to 300 people). It also took the award in the Education sector.

Live LIPT 2021 - Mariana Pekin - Mariana Pekin

Carlos Frederico Costa Cavalcante, HR director at Brasal Refrigerantes, awarded as “Most Incredible Place to Work” among large companies.

Image: Mariana Pekin

About winning the Most Incredible Place to Work award in the large category during the pandemic, Carlos Frederico Costa Cavalcante, HR director at Brasal Refrigerantes, said: “We transform a very sour lemon into a lemonade or a drink. We take advantage of the period to further strengthen more the values ​​of our culture. We sought transparency, we did a communication work and did not fire any employees. Our big challenge was this. Our values, such as trust, respect and believing in people in the first place appeared much stronger. So it became very latent to Brasal who we were.”

Helton Freitas, president of Seguros Unimed, awarded the Most Incredible Place to Work among midsize companies, also highlighted the challenges of managing people during the Covid-19 crisis: “The pandemic was very challenging, our purposes were put to the test and we got more right than wrong. We adopt a responsible attitude in relation to taking care of people. We have a group of insured people to take care of, but that doesn’t make sense if I don’t set an example at home and protect employees , which are the people who will support the people who use our products.”

Live LIPT 2021 - Mariana Pekin - Mariana Pekin

Helton Freitas, president of Seguros Unimed, awarded as “Most Incredible Place to Work” among medium-sized companies.

Image: Mariana Pekin

Freitas, who is a trained sanitary doctor, adds: “We offered a guarantee that we would not reduce personnel due to the pandemic and we gave a lot of information. For this, we have a set of channels, such as our portal and a health and well-being service via Whatsapp. We also created a regular event for employees: Sextou Live, which deals with social responsibility, inclusion, diversity, childcare and family and career.”

Live LIPT 2021 - Mariana Pekin - Mariana Pekin

Vitor Roberto Tioqueta, superintendent director of Sebrae/PR, awarded as “Most Incredible Place to Work” among small companies, participated in the award remotely.

Image: Mariana Pekin

Also awarded as the Most Incredible Place to Work, this time among small companies, Vitor Roberto Tioqueta, superintendent director of Sebrae/PR, highlighted that “This award is for all employees. It is a recognition of the freedom that the deliberative council of institution you can work for micro and small companies in Paraná. From now on, the incredible mode is activated in Sebrae/PR”, he celebrates.

The live, which had more than 3,000 people simultaneously watching the program over more than two hours, was presented by journalist Fabíola Cidral and had the presence of a special guest: Max Gehringer.

When talking about “The Future of Work”, the central theme of the event, the career consultant first addressed remote work: “This is nothing new, but what used to be a convenience has become a necessity for companies. And the necessity has always been a necessity. brings problems. One of them is that not all the people who went to work from home were prepared for this. I have the impression that these people will want to come back. I also believe that the companies’ decision will be: either an entire area can work from home or everyone will have to go back to the office.”

Live LIPT 2021 - Mariana Pekin - Mariana Pekin

“O Futuro do Trabalho”, the award’s theme, yielded a relaxed conversation between presenter Fabíola Cidral and career consultant Max Gehringer.

Image: Mariana Pekin

On people management, he commented: “There are three things that hold an employee in a company: a good work environment, compensation, and opportunities for career development and growth. When the company offers these three things, hardly anyone leaves.”

On the importance of the Incredible Places to Work Award, Max Gehringer said: “This award opens a window for everyone to see where you can go and what it takes to get there. Maybe these companies are ahead of their time, but they show a path that is possible for everyone.”

Roberto Sbragia, FIA’s CEO, Lina Nakata and Filipe Fonoff, FEEx’s technical coordinators, and Murilo Garavello, UOL’s content director, also participated in the broadcast.

Diversity and innovation gain strength

The Incredible Places to Work 2021 Award was defined based on the FIA ​​Employee Experience (FEEx) survey, in which 181,551,000 employees from 380 companies anonymously participated. It was held between February and June this year.

One of the novelties was the creation of highlights in the award, such as the three awards in the “Most Incredible in Diversity” category. Vivo, Meireles and Freitas Cobrança Digital and Sabin Medicina Diagnóstica were considered “Most Incredible in Gender Equity”, “Most Incredible in LGBTQIA+ Inclusion” and “Most Incredible in Racial Respect” respectively.

“The awardees are complete, as they adopt practices aimed at these audiences, such as committees and discussion groups, exclusive benefits, hiring policies and plans to rise to leadership positions. Employees perceive respect and fair treatment”, says Lina Nakata , one of the responsible for the FIA ​​research. “In order to offer these awards, we investigated whether, in addition to inclusion policies, there is a satisfactory percentage of these audiences in the general framework of companies and in leadership positions”, he completes.

Four other highlights were also awarded: “Most Incredible in Innovation and Autonomy” (Siemens Energy); “Most Incredible in Corporate Education” (Unimed Insurance); “Most Incredible in Innovation and Autonomy” (Siemens Energy); “Most Incredible in Career” (Santa Helena); and “Most Incredible in Wellness” (Dori Alimentos).

The differentials of the best 120

The increase in the number of organizations participating in the survey this year allowed the award to be expanded. The 120 companies with the highest overall FEEx score were rated “Amazing Places to Work” – in 2020, 100 companies received special recognition.

See the full list of awardees by clicking here.

Another novelty is the awarding of the best companies in 18 sectors of activity: Agribusiness, Food and Beverage, Banks, E-Commerce, Education, Energy, Pharmaceuticals, Diverse Industries, Mining, Metallurgy and Steel, Chemicals and Petrochemicals, Sanitation, Insurance Companies, Services Health, Miscellaneous Services, Financial Services, Technology and Computing, Textiles and Transport and Logistics.

Want to see your company among the LIPT 2022 winners? Registration will be open on the FIA ​​Employee Experience – FEEx website in September 2021.

The Incredible Places to Work Award (LIPT) is an initiative by UOL and Fundação Instituto de Administração (FIA) that highlights Brazilian companies with the highest levels of employee satisfaction based on the FIA ​​Employee Experience (FEEx) survey. The survey measures the work environment, organizational culture, leadership performance and satisfaction with HR services.