Globo acted for the fall of a channel authorized to broadcast the Corinthians game

Gamer Bruno Gomes’ channel, known as Nobru, was brought down by the Twicht platform while broadcasting the Athletico vs Corinthians game. Globo was responsible for the notification that led to the channel’s downfall: the company claims that it made a mistake with the action. Nobru had an agreement with Athletico to be able to pass the match, while the team from Paraná has a court decision that supports its transmissions. That is, the transmission was regular.

The dispute between Athletico and Globo began in the middle of last year when the federal government edited the Mandante’s MP. The club from Paraná, which had not sold the pay-per-view rights to the network, negotiated them with partner Live Mode. From then on, there was a legal dispute over the right of Athletico to broadcast games: the club has, at this moment, a favorable decision in the Paraná Courts.

In the case of the game with Corinthians, the fight extended to the rival club. The board of Alvinegra also understood that it had its broadcasting rights injured by Athletico and went to court to try to stop the game. That’s what the Corinthians deputy lawyer, Hero Vicente, explained.

Justice did not grant an injunction requested by the club alvinegro. So, Corinthians withdrew from the fight, although it believed that the club from Paraná could not broadcast either on its platform or on its partners. The club did not take further action in the aftermath.

With the transmission allowed, Athletico negotiated partnerships with Jovem Pan and with the Nobru channel, which is from Corinthians and has 3.5 million followers on the platform. He is known as a gamer and world champion of the game “Free Fire”. Both could only broadcast games on closed channel, charging subscription. This is the club’s right by court decision.

Globo informed Twicht that its contractual rights were being violated by the broadcast. With that, Twitch brought down the transmission. It was only resumed after the game.

In a message on Twitter, Nobru said: “The game was authorized to be broadcast, I’m not crazy to broadcast something without consulting or having family permission, but relax, we’ll reactivate the channel and file a lawsuit with whoever took down the live. Hugs and I’m coming home, Go Corinthians!!!”

The blog tried to contact the gamer through his manager, but received no response. Globo recognized its action, but stated that it was a mistake and not a deliberate action against the transmission:

“There was no deliberate action by Globo in relation to the Athletico-PR vs Corinthians match. It was a mistake in the routine of actions to defend copyrights and broadcast events. The fact that Athletico-PR has already broadcast other games shows that it was an isolated fact. It is important to remember that Globo always respects and abides by court decisions, even if it does not agree with them,” stated Globo’s communication.

The Mandant Law has already been approved in Congress, the House and the Senate. There is an article that states that it does not apply to old contracts. But it is likely that this will not stop the dispute between Athletico and Globo. The network believes that, by contract, the rights of other teams as visitors also belong to it, while the club believes it has the prerogative to broadcast matches as home team.