Government does not foresee an adjustment for civil servants in 2022, but will have 41,700 job openings

BRASÍLIA – The budget proposal for 2022 presented by the economic team does not foresee adjustments for public servants next year. The proposal, however, foresees the holding of a public tender, after three years without evidence. 41,700 new servers are expected to join.

The information was confirmed by the Special Secretary of Finance, Bruno Funchal, and by the Secretary of Budget, Ariosto Culau, during a press conference.

— There is no provision for readjustment. Budget is already too tight. With some change due to the discussion of the precatório, the priorities of the Budget will be defined – affirmed Funchal, adding that there is no way to project an eventual readjustment now.

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The Bolsonaro government has not held any public tender so far, but studies by the Management Secretariat show that there is a gap in public bodies, and new hiring is necessary.

no readjustment

Civil servants had a readjustment freeze for two years, as a counterpart to the increase in public spending in combating the Covid-19 pandemic.

The military, on the other hand, will receive the readjustments, as provided for in the Social Security reform, which included a restructuring of these careers – in 20 years, readjustments with the military will cost the government R$ 217.66 billion.

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For 2022, the Ministry of Defense’s projection indicated that the increase with additional military availability and qualification, allowance and salary increase would cost an additional R$ 9.37 billion.

This value, however, can be higher. As GLOBO has already shown, in 2019, the Defense estimated that the first year of the restructuring would have an impact of R$4.73 billion. But data from the Statistical Panel on Personnel (PEP), from the Ministry of Economy, show that the increase in these expenses was R$ 5.55 billion, 17% higher than projected.

The multi-year adjustments, such as those for the restructuring of military careers, were no longer made explicit in the Budget about five years ago. The amount is already incorporated into the forecast of general expenses and it is difficult to specify the percentage allocated to the increase in personnel expenses.

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In times of fiscal restrictions, the treatment given to the military differs from that received by other civil servants. While spending on military personnel grew 7.3% between 2019 and 2020, with civil servants this increase was 1.31%.