Government predicts BRL 2 billion in the 2022 Budget for the Census | Economy

The federal government reserved, in the 2022 Budget proposal, R$ 2 billion to carry out the Demographic Census. The text was presented this Tuesday (31) by the Ministry of Economy.

The amount reserved for 2022 is equivalent to that originally planned by the Ministry of Economy in the 2021 Budget. In the end, the text was sanctioned with a much lower amount, of only R$ 71 million, preventing the research from being carried out.

By law, the Census must be carried out every ten years. The last one took place in 2010.

According to the ministry, in 2021 an additional credit of R$ 82.3 million was published for the preparation of the research. Another R$35.7 million were sent to Congress, but still pending approval.

In May, the Supreme Court (STF) ruled that the federal government is obliged to take the necessary measures to carry out the Census in 2022. The judgment in the virtual plenary ended with eight votes in favor of the survey next year, two for the realization of the Census still in 2021 and one that considered that the survey “does not reveal urgency”.

IBGE: value is insufficient

The Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) wanted R$ 3.4 billion to carry out the Census in 2020, but the government’s economic area also informed in 2019 that it would not be possible to fulfill the request.

To reduce costs, IBGE adjusted the questionnaires and reduced the number of questions. The estimated budget, of R$ 2 billion, is close to the leanest amount that had ever been announced by the institute.

In a statement released on Tuesday, however, the institute informed that the reserve of R$ 2 billion is not enough to meet the “necessary technical parameters” for carrying out the Census next year. According to the Institute, R$ 2.292 billion would be needed for the survey.

In the text, IBGE says that it will act with the National Congress, in the processing of the budget piece, to mobilize parliamentarians and convince them about the “public interests” of the demographic census so that the Union can ensure what was determined by the STF – the establishment of “sufficient necessary conditions for carrying out the census”.

See the video below about the postponement of the survey:

Census is no longer carried out due to lack of funds;  at the same time, Congress increases party fund

Census is no longer carried out due to lack of funds; at the same time, Congress increases party fund

The government also provided in the 2022 Budget resources from the National Science and Technology Fund. There are R$ 8.5 billion that can be used for science, technology and innovation policies.

In 2020, the fund had more than R$ 6 billion authorized by the Budget, but a little more than R$ 4 billion could not be used, as they were applied blocked for the so-called “contingency reserve” of the government.

Congress then passed a law that prevents the fund’s resources from being blocked. President Jair Bolsonaro vetoed the article that prevented the blockade, but the veto was overturned by Congress.