Grazi Massafera makes a rare appearance with her daughter after separating from Caio Castro

Actress Grazi Massafera showed a very cute record with her daughter with actor Cauã Reymond, girl Sofia

The actress Grazi Massafera showed a cute photo with her daughter with the actor Cauã Reymond, the girl Sofia, nine years old. She showed the photo of her cell phone screensaver in which she appears with her daughter Sofia.

In the image, the actress is with her daughter on her lap facing a sunset. She showed the record because her cell phone clock was showing 11:11. The actress showed this record with her daughter one day after confirming her separation from actor Caio Castro.

The actors split a few days ago, they were together for about two years. AND Grazi Massafera talked about this subject for the first time just a day ago. Grazi assured in an interview for Ela magazine that the relationship ended, but that the respect between the two remains. “My relationship with Caio came to an end because we understood it was time for us to go apart. What I can say now is that we end our story with all due respect”, said the actress.

Caio Castro also spoke about the end of his relationship with Grazi Massafera. He also stated that the termination took place with great respect and maturity and also stressed that there was no betrayal. He stated: “We were never one to talk about our relationship. We never exposed much about us. And it will not be now that I will feed this type of report. But making up a story of betrayal is nothing more than lack of respect. We decided to separate for our reasons. We were mature and respect, above all, our love. And if I can ask for anything. I would like to ask for respect for the moment that Grazi and I are going through”.

Netizens were just praise for the beautiful photo of the actress with her daughter. “How beautiful this photo is! Sofia is a love”, commented one internet user. And another internet user also stated: “Beautiful mother and daughter!”.

Grazi Massafera together with her nine year old daughter

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