Grêmio agrees to pay 100% of Maicon’s contract and increases his account after spending R$27 million with 6 players

O Guild disclosed to its counselors, at the last meeting, the financial and accounting statements of the second quarter of 2021. The board presented a surplus in BRL 5.7 million, but the values ​​that called the most attention involve player terminations. After spending on the outputs of six players, the Tricolor Gaucho hit the exit of the steering wheel Maicon and accepted open the pocket.

According to information from the portal “GaúchaZH”, the Grêmio pledged to pay 100% of the remainder of Maicon’s contract. After reaching the termination of the steering wheel by mutual agreement, the argument to settle the bond, which lasted until December, is the fact that deadline is near the end, besides the respect for history that the shirt 8 built in Porto Alegre.

Thus, adding four months, vacation and 13th, Maicon will receive Grêmio, in installments until the end of the year, about BRL 3 million. Hired in 2015, the shirt 8 competed 248 matches with the tricolor shirt, adding 15 goals and 19 assists. During this period, he helped the club win a series of titles, such as the Copa do Brasil in 2016, Copa Libertadores da América in 2017 and the Recopa Sudamericana in 2018.

Volante ended up being sent off against Corinthians in his last match (Photo: Pedro H. Tesch/AGIF)

Volante ended up being sent off against Corinthians in his last match (Photo: Pedro H. Tesch/AGIF)

With the amount that will be paid to Maicon, the Tricolor will surpass the mark of BRL 30 million in agreements with players. A document presented at the Deliberative Council meeting, which was leaked in the press, points out that the Guild agreed to pay a total of BRL 27.5 million for the attackers Diego Tardelli and Andrew, the midfielder Thiago Neves, the defender David Braz and the goalkeepers Vanderlei and Paulo Victor.

At exits of the six players, however, generated a economy to the club. If everyone remained until the end of their relationship, the amount paid would be BRL 36 million. The athlete who received the most was Paulo Victor, with more than BRL 7 million, followed by André (BRL 5.8 million), Thiago Neves (BRL 5.3 million), Diego Tardelli (BRL 4.2 million) , Vanderlei (R$3.7 million) and David Braz (R$1.3 million).