Gugu’s daughters confirm debt and ask aunt for money, shows e-mail – Entertainment

The dispute over the inheritance of Gugu Liberato, who died in November 2019, continues to gain new chapters. According to Fabíola Reipert, during the painting Poison Time, at Record TV, the twin daughters of the presenter, Sofia and Marina Liberato, would have sought out their aunt, Aparecida, because they were in debt.

In the exchange of e-mails, which is part of the process that discusses the division of goods left by the communicator, the twins ask for R$ 10,000 each. According to the young women, the two needed to borrow money to be able to visit colleges in the US. They also claim that the amount paid monthly is not enough for expenses.

In response, Aparecida Liberato is surprised by the request. “You don’t need to borrow money from anyone, even though I don’t know anyone in your relationship who can afford to give $10,000 each. That’s a lot of money. You shouldn’t spend it unnecessarily.”

And he added: “I’m sad that you are being deceived. I believe that this phase will pass and you will mature. I just think about where the education you received from your father has gone. Wake up! Count on me always.”

Inheritance dispute

According to information from columnist Flavio Ricco, from R7, on Friday (27), the Court denied the request for alimony made by lawyer Nelson Wilians for the daughters of Gugu Liberato, Marina and Sofia, aged 17, in the amount of R$100 thousand. A few days earlier, however, the twins appeared on video accusing their aunt and guardian, Aparecida Liberato, of lying in the process.

The court also denied, according to Ricco, the twins’ request for an audit to be carried out on their aunt Aparecida’s inventory and actions. With this, Gugu’s sister remains as the administrator of the assets under the supervision of the judge. The decision, it is worth noting, was published in the Official Gazette on July 28th, that is, before the video was released.

According to the images, which were revealed by Léo Dias this week, the girls question the administration of the assets left by their father, who died after a domestic accident in 2019, in the United States, and also defend the recognition of the stable union between the presenter and the mother, Rose Miriam.

“My aunt and the lawyers say my mother didn’t have a stable relationship with my father, but they did. We were a family and the only ones who know the truth are us. I don’t know why they don’t recognize my mother as my father’s partner. , because I recognize it,” Sofia said in the video, which was originally sent to court.

Marina, who would have been without talking to her uncles and cousins ​​for months, also reported the removal of some family members during the process. “Before, they wanted to talk to me, but when I disagreed with them, they didn’t want to anymore. They said they will never accept that my mother was my father’s partner and that we should not get involved in anything,” said the young woman.

According to Sofia, the aunt would control until their decision whether or not they could have a car. “I went to ask for a car, I didn’t have one and I really wanted to have a car. I asked my aunt for the Porsche that I always dreamed of having and she said that she spoke to the prosecutor and that the prosecutor had said I couldn’t have this car , which was very luxurious for a 17 year old. I ended up buying a car that was half the price of what I wanted and I wasn’t happy.”

Gugu inheritance dispute wins new chapters after accusations