“He fell into the pool and drowned”

Upon returning from her trip, she was informed of what had happened and was dejected; Look

the businesswoman Poliana Rocha appeared very shaken on social networks this Tuesday (31) when she revealed that a tragic accident happened in her mansion.

Leonardo’s wife said that one of the family’s little dogs fell into the pool, drowned and died.

“Guys, as I know you have a very special affection for me […] I came here to share some terrible news, which is killing me today, which I learned now that I arrived from a trip. Petra passed away, Petra my partner, a happy and fun little dog”, she stated.

In tears, she recounted details of the accident. As she was not at home, the businesswoman was unable to help and only received the news when she returned from a trip.

“She fell in the pool this weekend when I wasn’t at home, but I had someone to look at, but I don’t know how it went yet, but I said she fell into the pool and drowned. and it turned out that with the hustle and bustle of everyday life I didn’t put it in. I thought she was already used to the pool because she was here every day and such […] this had happened once and never again. But unfortunately it happened this weekend.”


Always stunning, the beautiful Poliana Rocha enchanted the followers by appearing on social networks this Sunday (29) taking a bath in the waterfall.

In leggings and top, the wife of Leonardo displayed her defined body while connecting with nature.