Helena Rizzo reviews Cacá Bueno after protest against Bolsonaro

At MasterChef this Tuesday (31), Helena Rizzo he will find one of his tormentors from the past. The Band’s reality show will receive Cacá Bueno and Nelson Piquet Jr., both Stock Car drivers. In 2018, the son of Galvão Bueno criticized the chef for a protest against Jair Bolsonaro.

In the program’s calls, Helena and Cacá maintained a friendly and even good-humored relationship, with the judge challenging the pilots to make a perfect whipped cream. The animation of the chef, who even smeared herself with cream during the competition, doesn’t even remember the heavy atmosphere of three years ago, when she received attacks for taking a stand against the then presidential candidate, including the five-time champion of Stock Car Brasil.

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After the first round of the 2018 election, Helena Rizzo published a photo in support of the #Ele Não movement, against Bolsonaro’s candidacy, already known for his support for the military dictatorship and for his declarations of hatred against social movements and left-wing parties. In the image, the chef and her team from the Maní restaurant, in São Paulo, appear in the kitchen showing their middle finger, following the tags #elenão, #elenunca, #elejamais and #elenãofodendo.

The demonstration generated a wave of hatred from Bolsonaro voters, who encouraged a boycott of the establishment. Among the comments in the publication was that of Cacá Bueno, indicating that he would no longer attend the Michelin-starred restaurant.

“It’s so much hate to talk about ‘love’, you’ll understand. I always thought it was expensive”, wrote the son of Galvão Bueno at the time. The chef apologized for the obscene gesture and deleted the photo from her Instagram.

Three years later, Helena Rizzo joined the MasterChef in place of Paola Carosella, and the Band became the “home” of motorsport by buying the Formula 1 broadcasting rights. Thus, the judge and the driver meet in person, in the same job, three years after they got together because of hate on the social network.

Helena Rizzo’s protest against Jair Bolsonaro and Cacá Bueno’s comment (Editing/Reproduction/Instagram)

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