Helena Rizzo teaches ‘couscous’ and fans praise

Helena Rizzo was one of the subjects most talked about by “MasterChef” fans during the program shown today. The elimination test asked the participants for couscous recipes before defining André’s elimination.

After the chef gave a demonstration of how the dish can be prepared, fans of the show raved on Twitter highlighting the judge’s elegance and charisma.

Helena was also praised for referring to the dish as “couscous” when evaluating the participants’ performance during the challenge.

The public also pointed out that Helena Rizzo was a good choice to replace chef Paola Carosella, who formed the program’s judging team with Erick Jacquin and Henrique Fogaça.

Henrique Fogaça’s humor

Two jokes made by Henrique Fogaça also drew attention during “MasterChef”. Upon announcing Márcio’s victory in the elimination test, the chef said that “I would like to see the participant having a good laugh.”

Moments before, Fogaça played with Márcio’s nervousness during the evaluation and highlighted that the participant did not show any joy in the program.

But the chef surprised followers by trying to make a popular joke with Erick Jacquin. “Everything in life is fleeting, except the passenger and the collector,” he said when he got the sentence wrong. He was corrected by Ana Paula Padrão and couldn’t keep his colleagues from laughing.

The mezzanine is ready again

The public didn’t like the choice of the mezzanine after today’s elimination round. After having couscous among the worst in the evaluation, José Sérgio was rescued by his colleagues.