Hulk plans to win two more titles this year and praises Atltico’s structure

(Photo: Lucas Figueiredo/CBF)
Highlight of athletic in season 2021, the striker Hulk dreams big with the alvinegra shirt. The player wants to win important titles for the club this year. In an interview this Tuesday, in So Paulo, where he trains with the Brazilian team aiming for the next commitments for the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, the No. 7 shirt for Galo said he plans to raise more two cups in the coming months.

This year, Hulk was already Minas Gerais champion for Atltico. At the moment, the club fights for the titles of the Campeonato Brasileiro, Copa Libertadores and Copa do Brasil.

Galo is the leader of the Brazilian Nationals, with 39 points, four more than Palmeiras. In the Copa Libertadores, the team is classified for the semifinals. The duels with Palmeiras are scheduled for September 21st and 28th. Already in the Copa do Brasil, Alvinegro host Fluminense in Mineiro on September 15, in the return match of the quarterfinals. In the first leg, in Rio de Janeiro, they won 2-1 and had an advantage in the knockout.

“For Guilherme Arana, I want many other achievements, because if he wins I’ll win too, because we’re playing for the same club. God willing, may we win at least two more titles this year. Bless us,” said the striker, who was talking about living with the left-back, another highlight of Galo in 2021.

Hulk took the opportunity to praise the Atltico. The Brazilian Seleo player said that the club provides an excellent structure so that he can play football at its best.

“I am very happy to receive this affection, this motivation. It gives me more strength to evolve even more. I think my evolution is due to the commitment to reach a great club, which Atltico, and do an excellent job. Atltico offers what it has It’s best for us players to be in the best possible performance. I try to enjoy the best possible way, I try to take care of myself. It’s been giving results on the field. I’m very happy and I hope to continue,” he added.

End of fasting?

Hulk returned to Seleo Brasileira after five years. The player has a chance to break the fast wearing the colors green and yellow: he only scored for the national team in friendlies.

In total, Hulk entered the field 48 times for the main Brazilian team. In official competitions, there were 15 games, being 11 as a starter, and no goal scored. In the 33 friendlies, he shook the net 11 times.

The chance to end this fate will be in the qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup. Hulk is related to the games against Chile, Argentina and Peru.

“Striker lives on a goal. I’m living a good time, very happy, confident. In all the competitions I played with Atltico, I scored in all of them. I come to the Brazilian national team very confident to balance the opposing networks and help the Brazilian national team. It’s not something that bothers us. We want to score, but it’s not something that keeps hammering in our heads. Above all, the most important thing is our contribution to helping the team,” he said, finishing.

“When I came to the youngest team, back in 2009, on my first call, I was anxious, I wanted to make everything work out. Today, I come back lighter, calmer and that’s what I can say for the younger ones – commented the striker, who justified the return to Brazil”.