Humorist exposes “censorship” he suffered by Sandy at Globo and surprises

Claudio Manoel
Cláudio Manoel revealed a ban he had at the time of Casseta (Image: Divulgação / Globo)

Claudio Manoel, 62, made a surprising revelation in an interview with Maurício Meirelles on Foi Mau, by RedeTV!, about the extinction Cassette and Planet, Urgent!. According to the famous, the program was banned from making parodies with the Sandy.

In the interview, the actor and editor said that the ban occurred at the time she was the protagonist of the soap opera Estrela-Guia, shown in 2001 on the Rio station. The former Casseta stated that the condition was imposed by the artist’s father, Xororó.

“Sandy was afraid the soap would be exposed because she wasn’t an actress. So her father’s condition was: ‘She does [a novela] as long as the house protects it from this type of exposure“, declared the comedian.

The famous even pointed out that material about the soap opera was even produced, but it was never aired. “We made a parody called the Virgin Star, because we didn’t know the conditions until they called us. It was a bit of a block. We couldn’t do it”, confessed Claudio Manoel.

He also recalled the impact of the death of his co-worker and friend Bussunda, who died at the age of 43, victim of a heart attack in 2006.

“Contrary to what people think, his death was a big blow, but also a way to bring everyone together, not to let the shuttle fall and not let it end for him”, shot the actor.

Even a few days ago, Helio de La Peña told RedeTV!’s Sensacional, details of the period of his friend’s death.

“There you had a guy who was in charge, had a politically correct and engaged speech, with several criticisms of our work, and in real life we ​​saw what happened. I find it difficult to point the finger in the face of others and when you see your situation, it’s that”, declared.

The actor also spoke about advice that he and his colleagues at Casseta & Planeta received from Galvão Bueno after Bussunda’s death.

“Because he went through a traumatic situation with Ayrton Senna, he went to talk to us. We didn’t want to do anything and he suggested: ‘Don’t stop the program, keep going’. It was advice that we thought was all about. If we had stopped back then, when would we feel ready to go back?”, he said.

Luiz Fabio Almeida

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