‘I think he will end his career at Corinthians’

In an exclusive interview with ESPN Brazil, this tuesday, the midfielder’s father Willian, Severino da Silva, revealed that there is a chance for the athlete to end his career in Corinthians.

Initially, Willian’s contract with Timão runs until 2023. However, Severino predicts that the bond should be renewed, with the player closing his football cycle in the team at heart.

“About my son’s return to Corinthians, I even told some people that I don’t know a father in the world who had the trajectory I had with my son. At eight years old, he joined Corinthians, the team of the heart ours, and when he got to the professional, he stayed for so little time. He did all the base, spent only seven months in the professional, took shirt 10, corresponded and was already sold. Today, he returns,” he was moved.

“Sometimes I could hold back not to mention that he will end his career (with Corinthians), even because he still has a lot of time and the contract is short. But I still believe that we will renew this contract and he will end his career at Corinthians. No father is happier than I am! He has a jersey in our team at heart. And I have to thank him, because my request is not enough. He has to want to come too,” he added .

Severino also revealed that, in recent months, Willian has turned down proposals from several clubs.

According to the midfielder’s father, there were offers from teams like Roma, Milan and Lyon for the midfielder, who was at Arsenal, in England.



Severino da Silva granted an exclusive interview to ESPN

However, all were refused, and Willian said “yes” to Timão, confirming his return to Parque São Jorge after 14 years.

“He wouldn’t go to Italy, right? In the minds of some coaches. For example, Inter (Milan) wanted to, but Conte was there. With Conte, he was chosen as the best Chelsea player, Conte he was champion there, but his mentality was different. With (Maurizio) Sarri, who was at Juventus, the same thing. He didn’t want to go to Italy. If it was with Mourinho… There was even a proposal from Roma, they were studying the question of salary. He would go with Mourinho, because he was the great coach for him”, he stressed.

“On the last day he was making a deal with Corinthians, the only thing missing was to sign, and then Lyon and Milan came to try to cross. That’s why it’s good to have a word. Paper we scrape, but you can’t tear the word. Whenever I was asked about Corinthians, on the street, I said: ‘You have to see, I can’t speak for Willian’. While it wasn’t 100% right, I tried not to hit the hammer, because it would be boring to blame him later,” he added.

Willian is currently on his way to Brazil. He took off from London this Tuesday.

Corinthians intends for it to be presented this Wednesday, the club’s 111th anniversary date.

Before Willian, midfielders Renato Augusto and Giuliano, lateral João Pedro and forward Róger Guedes arrived at Timão. All will be regularized to compete for the rest of the season, in which the club only disputes the Brazilian Championship.